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uploaded on YouTube Oct. 5, 2011

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duration: 10:03 minutes

Short Film The Watering Hole Paints Strange Illusions "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Jan. 29, 2012

The Watering Hole takes us outside the limits of illsion. It's a unique local film because it humorously paints Sacramento as a creepy place to visit while maintaining a quality of suspenseful science fiction. The game of mind control is played on David played by Rob Tillitz, who stops off at a bar and has a drink of "Sacramento's finest water." Suddenly he becomes disoriented and starts seeing people's faces turn freakish and he asks them if he's in hell. "You're still in Sacramento" he's assured.

The film gives us layers of detail about the characters in a short time. We learn the who, what and where but the question of why the character falls into a trap is up to the viewer. The film symbolically points to certain undertones about Sacramento that artfully depict the people as a mix of friendly, broke and sinister. Then again, the film can be interpreted in many different ways, which is an ideal goal for independent films because multiple possible meanings can inspire multiple discussions.

Executive Producer Tillitz worked with a team of producers and directors including writer/editor Gerald Martin Davinport. The film is presented by Aria Pictures and was a screenplay contest winner in Access Sacramento's 2011 "A Place Called Sacramento" Showcase.


Rob Tilitz as David
William Vannoland
Jason Michael Shannon
Rafael Siegel
Daniel Roberts
J.P. Dunn
Christina Bella
Robyn Jean Springer
Victoria Elizabeth Melshaw

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