video title: Dark Pool: Episode One
video link:
video source: Darkpoolfilm
uploaded on YouTube Oct. 12, 2012

more info: Iron Mountain Films
duration: 6:31 minutes

Dark Pool Series Builds Suspense "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Jan. 27, 2012

Dark Pool is an expanding local suspense film series presented by Indie Episodic in association with Iron Mountain Films. Jim Krall, played by Jason Kuykendall, is a family man who winds up becoming partners with a shady operation called Dark Pool Investments. He tells his wife he was worried when he got home that the front door was open but she and their daughter weren't there. This short introduction sets up the storyline that unfolds in subsequent episodes as themes point to kidnapping and strange business relationships.

Although this episode is brief, it was chosen as video of the day for its creative suspense, acting and storyline twists despite a shoestring budget. The series launched in October 2011 and continues to expand in short episodes. The story, written by local actor Rick Gott, builds around Jim's quest to find his missing daughter as his wife seems to lack concern. To view the complete series visit Dark Pool's YouTube Channel. Read more about the Dark Pool series in this Sacramento Press article. Some of the scenes in the series were shot at The Studio Center, where a lot of local video production takes place.


Jason Kuykendall as Jim Krall
Gary Pannullo
Sierra Hersek
Patrick Murphy
Chloe Hersek


Tamara Walters - Casting Director
Ray Tarara - Editor
Michael Malmberg - Director of Photography
Rick Gott - Executive Producer/Director/Creator/Writer
Karen Pollard - Executive Producer
Lynn Malmberg - Executive Producer
Michael Malmberg - Executive Producer
Rich Malmberg - Director

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