Will Haven Founder Jeff Irwin Interviewed by Joe-G

by Alex Cosper on Jan. 25, 2012

Jeff Irwin of the Sacramento rock band Will Haven talks with Joe-G about the band's return to recording and touring after a hiatus. His association with the national band Slipknot led to their bassist Chris Fehn working with his band. Will Haven started out as "Sock" in the early 90s, which included guitarist Sean Lopez before he joined Far, who were signed to Immortal Records. In 1995 Sock became Will Haven, which became a blend of his influences that range from Pink Floyd to Depeche Mode to heavy sounds like Neurosis. Jeff says over the years his music has gotten more emotional and darker.

Joe-G tells Jeff that Will Haven was the first band he saw when he moved to Sacramento in the late 1990s. Asked how much the local scene has changed since the days of those major signings Jeff says he thought it was a fluke. He credits the rise of the local scene "back in the day" to Cattle Club, a venue that showcased bands that went on to get signed, such as Cake and The Deftones. Of course, since then the music industry has fallen apart financially so Jeff says "after the 90s it all crashed." He says the 90s was the era where bands all had their own sounds but after that everything changed. These days he makes music for the sake of art.

The interview captures the heart of the local scene as Jeff explains the friendship between band members and the local scene in general. His attitude about focusing on music that he loves instead of trying to conform to directions of the lost music industry is inspiring for those who care about music more as art and community.

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