video title: Tina's Green Smoothie
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video source: TinaDiggsTalk
uploaded on YouTube Jan. 15, 2012

more info: Tina Diggs
duration: 8:30 minutes

Singer Tina Diggs Makes a Green Smoothie "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Jan. 24, 2012

Tina Diggs, whose main passion is singing (along with vocal coaching and fitness coaching), also has a talent for making healthy drinks. In this video she demonstrates how to easily make a green drink with lots of different fruits and vegetables. She keeps it flexible, encouraging people to experiment with their own tastes. She mixes kale, bananas, spinach, cantelope, avacados, carrot juice and many other healthy ingredients including protein power. She says frozen mangos are "key" to the mix. She also likes to add frozen blueberries and strawberries.

She doesn't bother using measuring devices other than her own judgement. It's the ingredients that matter and she doesn't worry too much about anything more than that as she loads the blender several times with multiple items. She assures viewers it all tastes great once you mix it all together. Although the end product doesn't have a green color, she confirms that it tastes delicious. The cantelope help turns the drink into its own unique color while remaining green in the sense that it's all natural ingredients.

Getting back to Tina's musical life, Tina also knows how to blend musical styles together. She's a progressive/metal/opera singer who can be found on Reverbnation. Her music showcases her powerful voice over extraordinary classical-inspired arrangements as heard in her dreamy tune "Eva," which is flavored with tasteful rock guitar.

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