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Local Film The Golden Tree About Gold Rush Educates and Entertains "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on Jan. 21, 2012

The Golden Tree is a local film that delivers a mix of history and humor. The humor becomes more obvious the more you know about the California Gold Rush of 1849 thru the 1850s. The movie operates in two time periods: then and now. The contrast between eras forms an undertone to the story. In that sense the film has educational value that crosses into entertainment when you consider how far social values have advanced since the Gold Rush. Based on real characters, the movie is a great introduction for understanding what the Gold Rush was all about and how it shaped Sacramento and ultimately, California.

The screenplay was written for Access Sacramento's "A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival," in which it won an award. The Golden Tree is the story of kids learning from a journal that their ancestors were pioneers of the historic Gold Rush in Sacramento. From the journal the kids learn about John Sutter and James Marshall, the two main pioneers who discovered gold in Coloma, which attracted people from all over the world to pan for gold in Northern California. The journal hints at a possible treasure near Sutter's Fort. They also learn about how gold attracts outlaws.

The film is presented by Aria Pictures in association with Gerald Martin Davenport. Below is a list of actors in the film.

Gary Udell
Kyrie Sierra Davenport
Karly Avva
Aria Leven Davenport
Jason Michael Shannon
Noble Engle
Bill Bettencourt
Rob Tillitz
Toni Corbett
Mark Hoffman
Meghan Bird
Dan L. Walters
Steve Sommer
Amber DeAnn
Nolan Bourassa
Grace Rose
Adrien Bourassa
Courtney Leonard-Maye
Steve Dakota
Yinique Myo-Flores
Haley Hicks
Rob Hayes
Susan Slaven
Claire Elizabeth

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