Dec. 26, 2011

video title: Butterscotch
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video source: RobTillitz uploaded on YouTube Oct. 3, 2010
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duration: 9:59 minutes

Short Film Butterscotch Mixes Love and Philosophy "video of the day" review by Alex Cosper on Dec. 26, 2011

Butterscotch is a local film that explores the mixed meanings of love. Should love be owned or given away? Perhaps ownership of love isn't as important as sharing bits and pieces of time since timing is everything. Ernie, played by Rob Tillitz, shares his crush on Maggie stories with his close longtime poetic friend Max, played by Steve Dakota, but can't connect with her as a lover, even though she keeps trying to connect with him. The message Max keeps trying to get through to Ernie is "you don't have to own something to love something."

The story takes on multiple themes in a short time, which makes it a powerful work of art. Not only does the film deal with the roadblocks of romance, it taps into deeper subconscious social codes and beyond. Ernie and Max each represent a different lifestyle and mindset yet remain good friends. Max tries to help Ernie with poetic statements such as "new choices create greater thresholds."

The film was written and directed by Judith Plank. It was featured in the "2010 Place Called Sacramento" film festival. Sacramento artist Laura Ortiz sings a lyrical and melodic gem called "Bits and Pieces" as closing credits roll. Credits include:

Rob Tillitz as Ernie
Steve Dakota as Max
Laura Luke as Maggie
Joseph Baldridge as Ray
Kel Owens as Homeless Guy
Tom Hart as Doctor
Mark Herzig, Director of Photography
Palmer Taylor, Sound Mixer/Composer
Randy Kulchov, Editor

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