Pictured left to right: Alex Cosper, Chris Collins, Kil R Bee - March 31, 2012

Alex Cosper Interviews Chris Collins Video Series

Chris Collins of Sacramento's legendary Morning Zoo in the 80s and 90s, made a special visit to Sacramento on March 31, 2012 to participate in SacTV.com's Sacramento Radio History project. Kil R Bee of the Zoo also adds his insights of the memorable, controversial show. It is unlikely that any morning show will ever be as popular in Sacramento. Chris explains the intensity of creativity and spontaneity that made the show number one.

Each one of these interview segments explores how Chris crafted the Sacramento Valley's most successful morning show of the past three decades. The evidence is pretty strong that radio was a much more successful industry when it relied on talent instead of automation. One of the main themes of these historic interviews is that all is not lost for creative radio personalities who have the passion to connect with their community, as internet radio is now defining a growing strand of online culture.

From Earth Radio to FM 102 - video
Earth Radio was a freeform rock station in Sacramento that became FM 102 in September 1979. Collins was hired at FM 102 in March 1980.

FM 102's Successful Programming in the 1980s - video
The programming of Rick Gillette set the stage for the Valley's top music station of the 80s. Beating KZAP was a milestone for Collins.

Cutting Edge Radio - video
Collins explains some of the creative moves that set the Morning Zoo apart from other morning shows.

Collins vs. Competition - video
Although the Morning Zoo for awhile was unbeatable, Collins still paid attention to competitors such as KWOD.

Programming and Zoo Keeping - video
The Morning Zoo was built to win, overseen by Chris, who made sure everyone gave their best.

End of the Zoo - video
The demise of the successful Morning Zoo followed management changes that added up to minuses, as Collins won a heavy settlement.

Sacramento 80s Radio Montage - video
This montage captures some of the main highlights of FM 102 vs KWOD in the 80s, featuring Alex Cosper, Chris Collins and Kil R Bee.

April Fools Radio - video
Collins talks about a few memories of April Fool's Day stunts, including a format change to country.

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