Sacramento Nature Scenery on Video

Is Sacramento Hot Enough for Solar?
A better question might be is there a better place for solar that Sacramento, which is sunny most of the year? Solar is rapidly becoming a very hot industry and Sacramento is participating but needs more acceleration into this brave new world of clean energy. Read more here.
Celebrating America's Great Outdoors
The Effie Yeaw Nature Center gets a visit from The US Corps of Army Engineers Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy, who describes how environmentalist/teacher Effie Yeaw created a place for Sacramentans to appreciate nature along the American River at Ancil Hoffman Park. Uploaded by SacramentoDistrict on YouTube.
Folsom Lake Aerial Video in HD
Aerial footage of Folsom Lake is taken with a Easystar and a Aiptek A-HD+ camcorder. Uploaded by Blademan01 on YouTube.
SKD Takes Over the Sacramento River
Sacramento Kings Dancers Michelle, Arielle and Danielle take a cruise on the Sacramento River and promote the 2011 Sacramento Kings Dancer Auditions. Uploaded by Kingsflix on YouTube.
Sacramento River Flooding
This video shows how severely the Sacramento River overflowed in March 2011, covering parking lots and the river walk near the Ziggurat (pyramid-shaped building). Uploaded by sac86738 on YouTube.
North American River Otters Playing - Sacramento Zoo
The Sacramento Zoological Society ( put this brief video together of North American river otters. Uploaded by TheSacramentoZoo on YouTube.
Mann Park- Folsom CA
This brief video captures the green scenery and family playground at Mann Park in Folsom. Uploaded by Brodiestephens on YouTube.
Rope Swing at Discovery Park - Sacramento Zoo, November 2010
A fun time swinging on a rope and landing in the river is captured by this video uploaded Reuni0n1 on YouTube.
Discovery Park in Sacramento
This video captures the community spirit of Sacramentans enjoying the beach at Discovery Park, uploaded by Kenknecht on YouTube.
Whitewater Rafting - S Fork American River - Chili Bar to Folsom Lake
This video captures the fun and excitement of a group of people rafting on rapids, shot with Shot with Sanyo Xacti E2 waterproof digital cam, uploaded by Bixro on YouTube.
Sly Park Lake Bike Ride Part 1
This video captures the natural scenery and bike trails of Sly Park, east of Sacramento. Uploaded by Paintballfreakgp on YouTube.
Sacramento Zoo Flamingos
Flamingos are caught snacking at the zoo. Uploaded by TheSacramentoZoo on YouTube.
Whales in Sacramento Delta
UCDavis reports humpback whales have suffered fishing line entanglements and injuries. The university is working with groups to get these materials removed from waterways. Uploaded by UCDavis on YouTube.
Granite Bay (Folsom Lake) Mountain Bike Helmet Cam, 2007
This video explores the bike trails in Granite Bay near Folsom Lake. Uploaded by Chillywilly100 on YouTube.

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