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History of SacTV's Monthly Sacramento Music Spotlight Songs

May 2024: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Kak - "Lemonaide Kid"
Kak was a psychedelic rock band from Davis, CA in the late sixties. Headed by Gary Lee Yoder, they were signed to Epic Records and released one self-titled album in 1968. Yoder previously had a deal with his band Oxford Circle on Mercury Records. The song "Lemonaide Kid" stands up as timeless dreamy art. It was played on freeform station KZAP, which launched the same year. Yoder died at age 75 in 2021.
April 2024: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Cause and Effect - "It's Over Now"
Cause and Effect were once based in Sacramento in the early nineties and then moved to Seattle by the mid-nineties. The group was signed to Zoo Entertainment and had a national hit with "You Think You Know Her" in 1992. Alternative station KWOD 106.5 played several other tracks by the band. Following the death of keyboardist Sean Rowley, singer Rob Rowe moved to Seattle and had another national hit with "It's Over Now" in 1994.
March 2024: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Game Theory - "My Free Ride"
Game Theory was a Davis band headed by the late singer/songwriter/guitarist Scott Miller. The band was known in Northern California and beyond as unique underground innovators. They moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985 after releasing three independent albums, leading to deals with Enigma then Alias Records. They recorded through 1990. "My Free Ride" appeared on the band's 2020 compilation album Across the Barrier of Sound: PostScript.
February 2024: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Thin White Rope - "Red Sun"
Thin White Rope was an innovative Davis rock band that played together from 1984 to 1992. First they were signed to indie label Frontier then picked up by major label RCA. "Red Sun" appeared on their 1988 album In The Spanish Cave. The group was led by Guy Kyser on vocals and Roger Kunkel on guitar. Kunkel went on to form Acme Rocket Quartet.
January 2024: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Charlie Peacock - "It's Gone, It's Over"
Charlie Peacock made his mark in Sacramento before moving to Nashville to run his own record label in 1989. He was originally born in Yuba City then attended Sac State University in the 70s. His jazz band played in Sacramento for over a decade and recorded albums for A&M Records. Under EMI's Capitol Music Group he produces music for his label re:think.
December 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Ken Koenig - "Winter of Innocence"
Ken Koenig has performed in the Sacramento area throughout this century with a mix of familiar covers and his own originals. His soulful rock style is easy to absorb with an emphasis on melodic lyrics. "Winter of Innocence" has the feel of a modern sensual ballad. It was released on his third album The Organic Life in 2012. His latest album, Falworth, was released in 2019. Ken's music has multi-generational appeal, especially for people who enjoy pop/rock music from the sixties and seventies.
November 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Mumbo Gumbo - "Love Birds"
Well known to the Sacramento community, eclectic band Mumbo Gumbo has been on the region's radar since the early nineties. "Love Birds" came out in 1994. The 7-piece band's diverse sound covers folk, rock, blues, country, soul and a sense of unique cultures from around the world. Generally classified as Americana, the band appeals to music fans who love organic sounds. They've been exposed to large audiences through high-profile festivals and TV coverage, such as on KCRA 3. In spring 2024 they are on the bill for the Strawberry Music Festival at Nevada County Fairgrounds in Grass Valley.
October 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Cake - "The Distance"
Most Sacramentans have heard of Cake since they formed in 1991, as they've had national success with a series of albums that began in 1994. Their second album called Fashion Nugget put them on the charts with the track "The Distance" in 1996. It was a top ten hit on alternative rock stations such as KWOD, in which it was number one for several weeks. KWOD's initial airplay helped influence other stations to start playing the band. Since then, they've had a number one album called Showroom of Compassion in 2011 on their own indie label called Upbeat Records.
September 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
The Mother Hips - "When We Disappear"
Originally based in Chico, The Mother Hips have been rocking Northern California crowds for decades. In the 1990s they were signed to American Recordings, a division of Warner Brothers. The band was regularly played on alternative station KWOD 106.5. Since then they've returned to being an indie regional band that has continued to release recordings through this century. "When We Disappear" is the title track of the band's 12th album released in 2023, capturing their unique Americana sound.
August 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
7 Seconds - "See You Tomorrow"
Kevin Seconds was the mastermind behind punk rock group 7 Seconds, which surfaced in Reno in the early 1980s. Kevin moved to Sacramento by the nineties, as the band was signed to Sony. Since then he and his wife Allyson have played shows together in local venues. "See You Tomorrow" was played on local alternative station KWOD 106.5 in the mid-nineties. The following decade Kevin did local spotlight features on KWOD.
July 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Skyler's Pool - "Sunflowers"
Skyler's Pool Skyler's Pool is a Sacramento band headed by radio host Kitty O'Neal from KFBK 1530 AM. The band has existed for several years and has played live shows in 2023, including at Wildwood Kitchen & Bar in June. This song was released in June 2023. It captures the spirit of classic melodic pop music while paying tribute to the Golden State. The band features Kitty's husband Kurt Spataro on guitar and local singer/songwriter Lori Sacco-Nelson on keyboards and percussion. Other members include drummer Ben B. Harvey and bassist Rob LoRusso.
June 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Papa's Culture - "Sometimes"
Papa's Culture was a Sacramento music group led by producers/songwriters E. Blake Davis and Harley White, Jr. in the early nineties, signed to major label Island Records. The label released one album called Papa's Culture, But ... by the act, which had an eclectic alternative hip-hop sound. Several local musicians played on the album, such as Henry Robinette on guitar. "Sometimes" was one of a dozen tracks on the Papa's Culture album.
May 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Timothy B. Schmit - "I Can't Tell You Why"
The Eagles are among the best selling American bands of all time. In 1979 the band introduced a new voice and bassist, Timothy B. Schmit from Sacramento for The Long Run album. His songwriting and vocal contribution to the album was "I Can't Tell You Why," which became a top ten hit in 1980. Schmit had previously been a member of local band Redwing after attending Encina High in the sixties. Since the eighties he has released several solo albums and remains active making music.
April 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Deftones - "Minerva"
Deftones are among Sacramento's heaviest-sounding bands in history to reach national status and sell albums in the millions. They began their journey in the early 90s and were signed by the middle of the decade to Madonna's Warner-backed label, Maverick Records. By 2000 the band, led by Chino Moreno, was playing large arenas and developing a successful track record of inventive alternative rock albums with tracks that gained national airplay. "Minerva" was a single from the band's 2003 self-titled album, their fourth release.
March 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Club Nouveau - "Situation #9"
Club Nouveau was Jay King's R&B project in Sacramento starting in the 80s before he had a few major hit records then moved to Los Angeles. His cover of the Bill Withers classic "Lean On Me" hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986. The album, released by Warner, was called Life, Love and Pain. The band was played on the hit music stations at that time, KSFM and KWOD. "Situation #9" was a track from the album and a single that got significant club play and radio airplay locally.
February 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Tesla - "Love Song"
Tesla made history in the 20th century as Sacramento's all-time most successful recording act, selling over 15 million records. They began as City Kidd playing covers back in the 80s, then were signed to Geffen. The band's popularity escalated nationally when they opened for Poison in 1989 and had the top five hit "Love Song." They began getting airplay in 1987 with their cover of "Little Suzi."
January 2023: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Papa Roach - "Last Resort"
Papa Roach is a band that originated from Vacaville, formed in 1993. The band was featured on local music shows on KRXQ and KWOD as it developed a following in the Sacramento area throughout 90s. Led by Jacoby Shaddix, the alternative rock band signed with DreamWorks Records in 1999 then had a massive alternative/rock hit in 2000 with "Last Resort" from the triple-platinum album Infest. Since then Papa Roach has sold several million albums and has gone on national tours. The band is currently on indie label New Noize and is still active.
December 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Bougeois Tagg - "Mutual Surrender"
Brent Bourgeois and Larry Tagg formed the nucleus of Bourgeois Tagg in the 1980s, along with Lyle Workman, Michael Urbano and Scott Moon. The band's first appearance on the national charts was "Mutual Surrender (What a Wonderful World)" on Island Records in 1986. They went on to have the top 40 hit "I Don't Mind at All" in 1987.
November 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Spiral Starecase - "More Today Than Yesterday"
Spiral Starecase became famous after moving from Sacramento to Los Angeles in the late sixties. "More Today Than Yesterday" was their biggest hit on Columbia Records. The band, originally called the Fydallions until they were signed, was fronted by Pat Upton, who had a distinctive jazz-influenced vocal style. He died in 2016 at age 75.
October 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Oleander - "Why I'm Here"
Led by Thomas Flowers, Oleander was signed out of Sacramento to Universal/Republic Records in the late nineties. "Why I'm Here" from their debut album February Son became a top ten alternative rock hit in 1999. One of their biggest shows was appearing at Woodstock 99. They've also placed songs in major films such as American Pie and Scary Movie.
September 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Cake - "Rock and Roll Lifestyle"
Prior to Cake breaking music on the charts in 1996 with "The Distance" on Capricorn Records, they were played heavily on hometown Sacramento station KWOD 106.5. Their first hit on the station was "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" from the album Motorcade of Generosity. KWOD played multiple tracks from the album as well as the follow-up effort Fashion Nugget. The band, which for awhile was signed to Columbia, has sold millions of albums nationally.
August 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Steel Breeze - "You Don't Want Me Anymore"
Steel Breeze is celebrating its 40th anniversary of their biggest national hit "You Don't Want Me Anymore." The band was signed to RCA Records, but only saw widespread airplay for a few singles. The lead vocalist was Ric Jacobs. Some of the members also played in local band The Features. Steel Breeze went on to release four more albums.
July 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Carla Fleming - "Weapons Down"
Carla Fleming is one of Sacramento's leading R&B singer/songwriters. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Sacramento in the early nineties and began recording music. "Weapons Down" came out in 2013 and was based on the Sandy Hook incident in which a classroom of children were murdered by a young gunman. From the Domestic Disturbance album, it's a song calling for an end to violence. Several other songs by Carla have a social theme, as well as songs about emotional life experiences.
June 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Crayon - "Carry Me Back"
"Carry Me Back" by Crayon was a local radio hit in the summer of 1980 on top 40 station 1470 KXOA AM. Produced by David Houston at Moon Studios, Crayon's lead singer was Caron Vikre, who went on to record solo albums and became more involved with the local music scene. She sang harmony with Wayne Hueners. Her 2013 SacTV interview tapped into insights about her musical journey and ambitions as a writer. In the 90s she regularly performed at clubs such as Melarkey's and Cafe Montreal.
May 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Henry Robinett - "What If I Go Sailing"
Henry Robinett is one of Sacramento's most accomplished jazz musicians. He has released several recordings starting in the eighties. Robinett is a master of jazz improvisation on both guitar and piano. He has spread his knowledge of music as a college professor at University of The Pacific (UOP) in Stockton. "What If I Go Sailing" is a soothing guitar instrumental that was released in 2016.
April 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Fanny Walked The Earth - "Lured Away"
Fanny Walked the Earth is a Sacramento band that represents the aftermath of legendary band Fanny. Formed in the early sixties by sisters June and Jean Millington, the band relocated to Los Angeles in 1969 after they were signed by Reprise Records. They made history by being the first all-female band to release a rock album on a major label. Known for originals and covers, the band has continued to release new material this century.
March 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Kally O'Mally - "The Institution"
Kally O'Mally is an educator and music creator. She has performed many live shows in Sacramento with her sister Ally, mixing covers with originals. Kally's unique songwriting style augmented with rich harmonies makes her songs memorable. "The Institution," released in 2015, is a catchy song with vivid lyrics pointing to how modern culture is shaped by institutions.
February 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Kepi Ghoulie - "Winning Combination"
Kepi Ghoulie made his initial splash in Sacramento during the 1990s with the punk/party band The Groovy Ghoulies. In recent years he has released solo recordings. "Winning Combination" is an uplifting rocker released in 2022 as a 7" vinyl 45-rpm record. Other musicians include Eric Bianchi, Steve Randall, Steve Amaral and Tom 2000.
January 2022: Sacramento Music Spotlight:
Lynn Anderson - "Rose Garden"
Raised in Carmichael, country superstar Lynn Anderson at one time answered phones at Sacramento radio station 1240 KROY in the sixties. After winning a song competition, she and her family moved to Nashville. From there Lynn was signed to Columbia Records and had the megahit "Rose Garden" in 1970. She went on to sell millions of records and had dozens of country hits.
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