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Sacramento Music Scene Classic Videos 2000s

Jay King performing "Open Book" at Kulak's Woodshed, 2009
"Open Book" is the title track of Jay King's debut solo CD. Uploaded by Jaktre on YouTube.
Darwins - No One Listens
"No One Listens" by The Darwins is a song that represents the early sound of internet radio station Sacramento Music Scene, which later became SacLive. Singer John Young played in a series of local bands throughout the 90s including Mature Innocense, who were featured on KWOD's Overflow compilation. Read more here.
Adrian Bourgeois and Autumn Sky - "Parachutes," 2009
Adrian and Autumn give an acoustic performance at Luna's Cafe on 10/30/09.
Mother Hips at Marilyn's - Back to the Grotto, 2009
The Mother Hips perform the title track of their 90s album "Back to the Grotto" at Marilyn's on June 13, 2009. Uploaded by Taperjjim on YouTube.
Kai Kln 20 year anniversary show at Cesar Chavez Park, Aug. 21, 2009
Kai Kln, a top rocking regional band of the 90s, lives on with a special appearance from Leasure Lee Shull. Uploaded by ballater99 on YouTube.
David Houston - "Love Let Me Be," Feb. 28, 2009
David Houston plays a ballad with strings live at Luna's Cafe. The video was shot by Jackson Griffith and uploaded by Infinitefermata on YouTube.
Anton Barbeau - "Plastic Guitar," 2009
Anton lives in England but still has fans in Sacramento, where he was a fixture in the 90s. This video was shot, directed and edited by Gabe Nelson, Lorna Jo and Cynthia E. Jones.
Brent Bourgeois and Family - "Can't Feel the Pain," June 2008
Brent Bourgeois performs at the Crest Theatre with his son Adrian and daughter Corey with Lyle Workman at the Benefit for Richard Oates. Uploaded by Brentbourgeois on YouTube.
Tattooed Love Dogs - "Trap" live at Old Ironsides, 2008
The Tattooed Love Dogs perform "Trap" at Alive & Kicking's 150th Issue Party on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at Old Ironsides. Uploaded by Taperjjim on YouTube.
Sene' at Harlows part 1, 2008
Sacramento r&b artist Sene' opens for Estelle at Harlows with a soulful performance. Uploaded by CameraMan74 on YouTube.
Brodys at Old Ironsides, Jan. 27 2008
The Brodys perform "Corn Whiskey" and "Square Dance" at Alive & Kicking's 150th issue party. Uploaded by taperjjim on YouTube.
Conquista Musical at Harmony on the River, West Sacramento, June 12, 2007
Harmony on the River sponsored by West Sacramento Parks and Recreation features salsa band Conquista Musical Sacramento. Uploaded by BCSmith46 on YouTube.
Cause and Effect - "Sunrise" (live bootleg), 2003
Cause and Effect, who started in Sacramento and now reside in Seattle, perform one of their surreal electronic tunes. Uploaded by causeandeffectmusic on YouTube.
Deftones - Minerva (live) @ Crest Theatre in Sacramento, May 20th 2003
Here are Deftones playing "Minerva" from their selftitled album. The video was directed by Andrew Bennett ( and uploaded by LuisCharlos on YouTube.

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