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Sacramento Music Scene Classic Videos 1990s

1990s Sacramento Alternative Scene, 2012
This short SacTV documentary captures key figures who helped elevate the local music scene: KWOD 106.5 Program Director Alex Cosper, KWOD personalities such as Giles Hendriksen, Ron Givens and Peter Davis. Local music promoters Jerry Perry and Brian McKenna as well as Deftones and LGS manager Dave Park appear at the end of the video. Uploaded by SacTVnews on YouTube.
Sacramento Music Scene 1999: Tattooed Love Dogs and Ninety Nine Tales
Tattooed Love Dogs and Ninety Tales were two of the Sacramento's leading bands at the turn of the 21st century. This video presents both bands from an April 3, 1999 show at Old Ironsides in Sacramento. Ninety Nine Tales, introduced by Michael Blanchard, perform "Diamond' and then Tattoed Love Dogs perform "Play To Run." Both performances capture the spirit of 1999 when local music was an adventure. Both of these songs are two of the finest classics ever to come from Sacramento. Read more here.
Sacramento Music Scene 1998, Crest Theatre with Jerry Perry
Many Sacramento local bands of the late nineties are mentioned in this SacTV video in which Jerry Perry announces a long lineup of great local talent for a show at the Crest in November 1998. Read more here.
Cinema - "Never Be the Same," 1994
Cinema's singer is Brad Adams, who was well known to the KWOD 106.5 audience when this video was made in 1994. Uploaded by musicsmartstudio on YouTube.
Dutch Falconi - "Dinner Show" @ Crest Theater, 1993
Dutch Falconi & His Orchestra brought back swing to Sacramento in the 90s. Here they perform "Dinner Show" at the sold out Crest Theater. Uploaded by goldendawne on YouTube.
Billy Raniey - Laura Ingle interview - KZAP solo guitar contest, 1991
Laura Ingle interviews Billy Raniey about a 1991 KZAP guitar solo contest. Uploaded by Mvptv4u on YouTube. Greg Williams is also shown as a contestant.

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