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Sacramento Music Scene Classic Videos 1980s

Flashing Back to Spiritual Zoo with Harrison Price
Harrison Price's late 80s local radio hit was called "Spiritual Zoo." It is featured in this video. Read more here.
The Features: Sacramento Success Story
Singer Johnny Pride narrates the story of The Features, Sacramento top new wave/punk band of the 80s. Their album Up Up Side Side was a big seller in Northern California in 1983. Read more about the band and listen here.
Thin White Rope, Red Sun Live, 1988
Thin White Rope, a Davis as well as European sensation in the 80s, perform at Olive Pit rehearsal space in Davis. Uploaded by davis80smusic on YouTube.
The Features - "Misfits," 1984
The Features, a top Sacramento band in the 80s, perform "Misfits" to an enthusiastic crowd in 1984. Uploaded by Johndavidpride on YouTube.

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