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Northern California Concert History of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s covers artists who are making an impact on local culture as well as the growing independent
music movement. Here are some SacTV music video reviews from the past year:

Papa Roach, Road 88, Harley White, Caron Vikre, Carla Fleming, Kally O'Mally, The Features, Anton Barbeau, Tattooed Love Dogs, Ninety Nine Tales, Ken Koenig, Becca Danielsen, Natalie Cortez & The UltraViolets, Will Haven, Sister Crayon, The Kimberly Trip, Deer Park Avenue

Kally O'Mally - The Institution
Here's one of Kally's upbeat, melodic social commentary songs.
Simple Creation - Good Soul
This Sacramento reggae band delivers fun dance music with inspiring lyrics.
Caron Vikre - Midnight In The Woods
This song goes a few years back and captures some of Caron's most innovative songwriting.
Ricky Berger at TEDxSacramento City 2.0 - May 4, 2013
Ricky Berger performs her original songs "Man of My Dreams" and "Why Be Blue."
Carla Fleming - Rise Again
Singer/songwriter Carla Fleming performs her 2012 song "Rise Again."
Frank Hannon Band - Electric Chair (World Peace)
When he's not playing guitar with Tesla, Frank Hannon spends time with his other band, focusing on his originals.
Papa's Culture - Harley White Jr. Interview
SacTV's Alex Cosper interviews Harley White Jr. about the time he was signed on Elektra Records with Papa Culture.
Deer Park Avenue - Tragic Valentine
This song tells a dreary, almost comical story, to a unique melody.

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