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See Sacramento and Bay Area Concert History of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s covers artists who are making an impact on local culture as well as the growing independent
music movement. Here are some SacTV music video reviews from the past year:

Tesla, Papa Roach, Road 88, Harley White, Caron Vikre, Carla Fleming, Kally O'Mally, The Features, Anton Barbeau

Tattooed Love Dogs, Ninety Nine Tales, The Features, Harrison Price, Ken Koenig, Becca Danielsen,
Natalie Cortez & The UltraViolets, Will Haven,
Tina Diggs, Ava Lemert David Eugene Ivey. Sister Crayon, The Kimberly Trip, Deer Park Avenue

Kitty O'Neal Introduces the Beer Dawgs
The 40th annual Sacmramento Music Festival was held in May in Old Sac and it brought together several local musical acts of the past including the Beer Dawgs. KFBK radio personality Kitty O'Neal, who performed with local 80s bands Ian Shelter and Secret Service, introduced the two singers before an acoustic set. Read more about the Sacramento Music Festival here.
Carla Fleming - Weapons Down
Carla Fleming has used her singing and songwriting talent to put together a team of collaboraters for this song that promotes peace with a positive jazzy upbeat performance. Read more about the "Weapons Down" project here.
Doug Cash at Vintner's Cellar
Doug Cash is a singer-songwriter who frequently performs acoustic shows in Sacrameno, especially at Farmers Markets. In this video he gets a little help from his friend Ken Koenig. Read more about Doug Cash here.
Oleander - Something Beautiful
Oleander, the national band from Sacramento who moved to Orange County, released a new indie album in 2013 called Something Beautiful. The title track is a refreshing melodic rocker. Read more about Oleander here.
Ken Koenig and Friends 2013
Ken Koenig mixes covers with his original material, mixing acoustic and electric performances. Here's a montage that includes his song "Beautiful Day" at Vintner's Cellar in February 2013. The montage includes clips from his guests, daughter Amanda Koenig, Mark Dobbins and Alex Cosper. Read more about Ken Koenig here.
Chris Goslow's Acoustic Rap/Love Song Melody
SacTV visited Chris Goslow and recorded this unique medley called "Snuggle Bunny/Here With You I'm Home" on piano. Read more about Chris Goslow here.
The Trist at Sacramento Earth Day Festival 2013
The Trist are a three piece Americana/rock/blues band, who peformed at the Sacramento Earth Day Festival on April 21, 2013 at Southside Park. This original song is called "Somewhere, Somehow, Someway." Read more about The Trist here.

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