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See Dann Shively Interviews with Alex Cosper about
reporting on Sacramento's traffic from the sky.

Dann Shively Intervew (Part 1): Pilot of the Airwaves
Dann Shively Intervew (Part 2): Early Radio Days
Dann Shively Intervew (Part 3): Helicopter Stories
Dann Shively Intervew (Part 4): Live TV Reporting
Dann Shively Intervew (Part 5): Sacramento Traffic

Sacramento Area Maps and Directions is creating videos to help explain directions around town for new visitors to Sacramento. It's easy to get confused by the freeway system if you don't study a map. For example, if you are coming from the Bay Area on 80 East and are headed to Reno, it requires a turnoff before Sacramento to stay on 80 East, otherwise you will suddenly find yourself on 50 East to South Lake Tahoe. Another mixup for newcomers is the difference between "I-80" and "Business Loop 80," also known as "The Capital City Freeway," which is for Downtown commuters, but ultimately merges into highway 99. Taking the "wrong 80" may set you on a course that takes 10 to 20 minutes to correct.

Sacramento International Airport to Downtown or Old Sacramento

1. Take I-5 South to Los Angeles
2. Exit J St

Sacramento International Airport to Reno

1. Take I-5 South to Los Angeles
2. Take 80 East to Reno

Sacramento International Airport to South Lake Tahoe

1. Take I-5 South to Los Angeles
2. Take 50 East to South Lake Tahoe

Sacramento International Airport to Los Angeles

1. Take I-5 South to Los Angeles

Sacramento International Airport to San Francisco

1. Take I-5 South to Los Angeles
2. Take 80 West to San Francisco

Sacramento International Airport to Redding

1. Take I-5 North to Redding

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