KWODumentary: 90s Alternative Radio by Alex Cosper
KWODumentary is a 54 minute motion picture documentary of one of America's most amazing radio stories of the 1990s. KWOD was an independently-owned alternative station in Sacramento that created a lot of revolutionary waves in the radio industry during the era. As radio across the dial got more corporate, predictable and commercial, KWOD remained unique, fresh and community-oriented. It was one of the last commercial stations of its kind and turned out to be one of the highest rated independent stations in the United States before legislation made radio more tightly controlled by national corporations.

"KWODumentary 1: Modern Rock 1991-1992" is about how KWOD boldly switched from top 40 to alternative music in the early nineties.

"KWODumentary 2: Local Party Scene" is about how KWOD built its audience by partnering with local night clubs and venues.

"KWODumentary 3: Community Spirit" is about how KWOD got listeners involved with the community.

"KWODumentary 4: Listener Feedback" is about how KWOD listeners help write radio history by writing radio's first known listener-generated album.

"KWODumentary 5: Overflow" is about KWOD's flood relief CD that also contained a hidden album called "Buried Treasures."

"KWODumentary 6: Alternative Team Work" is about how the KWOD staff worked nicely as a team.

"KWODumentary 7: Environmental Awareness" is about KWOD's third local compilation CD, which was also about clean air awareness.

"KWODumentary 8: Unique Personalities" includes scenes of afternoon UK jock Giles Hendriksen.

"KWODumentary 9: Movin' On Up" closes with the song "Gettin' Higher" by Morrisson, who went from KWOD to other stations and eventually became a well known radio star in San Francisco.

"KWODumentary Trailer with Movie Clips" is a summary of the documentary presented in less than eight minutes. It will give you an overview of what KWOD meant to Sacramento and the alternative radio industry in the 90s.

Music that appears in KWODumentary:

Beat Villains - Level Headed Penguin (at KWOD-a-palooza)
Student Driver - Blank Astronomy
EWM - Indecent Exposure
Cinema - Voyeur
Ghost - Dorothea's House
Emerald Stone - Down From the Sky
Darwins - Nature Sets Its Own Law
Beat Villains - One Long Winter
Nora - Waterways
Cherry Murmur - Story of the Open Road
Naja - Brown Air
Cultural Dissolve - Transcentury Detour
Ron Givens - Polarized
David Conley - Zero Turnout
Eden - Desperate Way
Morrisson - Gettin' Higher

The documentary was produced by Alex Cosper in January 2017.

People who appear in KWODumentary:

Alex Cosper
Shawn Cash & Jeff Jensen
Giles Hendriksen
Ally Storm
Brad Adams
Adam Smasher
Gerry Cagle
David Conley
Ron Givens
Morris Knight
Axel Marley
Rob Endsley
Jamie Gates
Tom Boman
Peter Davis
Don Walker
Sean Parkinson
Michael Hayes
Robin Gage
Johanna Maddox

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