Alternative Football at Rio Americano

It was a time when anything could happen and radical reorganization was just starting to be the norm as game changing radio station KWOD went against the status quo and redefined Sacramento culture. These videos show how KWOD 106.5 air personalities met with an obscure visiting team in 1996 at Rio Americano High School for an exciting alternative football matchup. The KWOD All Stars won the game 34-13. KWOD's line-up included Alex Cosper, Ron Givens, Tom Boman and Bob Maher.
KWOD Alternative Football 1996 Highlights Part 1
In this first segment the KWOD All Stars resort to an aggressive ground attack that pays off nicely. The passing game works more for the opponents, but the All Stars still manage to control the ball and the game. From Maher's exciting opening runback for a touchdown to a few more scores, this video shows that the All Stars had the game well at hand by the end of part 1. This game shows that the radio station's alternative minds were capable of thinking outside of the box even outside of radio.
KWOD Alternative Football 1996 Highlights Part 2
Part 2 is simply a wrap up of the inevitable victory for the KWOD All Stars. If you really want to know who the opponents were, they were a mix of KWOD staff and friends of the station. The KWOD team was represented by Program Director/Midday Host Alex Cosper, voice talent Bob Maher and jox Ron Givens and Tom Boman. The KWOD team frequently challenged various teams at locations all over town in the 1995-1996 era. Tom Boman went on to become VP of Broadcast Operations for sports radio stations owned by Learfield Communications, a company based in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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