Freelance Videographer Joe-G

Joe-G videotapes various events from live performances to interviews to personal gatherings. He uses nice Canon equipment with HD and widescreen capabilities. For post-production he uses Final Cut Pro and iMovie 2. Not only is Joe-G an experienced videographer, he runs and is a professional musician. If you want to hire Joe-G let him know about your event by sending him a message here. He produces quality work for nice deals and you can learn more about him below.
Build Your Own Internet Station, 2012
Joe-G talks with Alex Cosper about the steps to creating an online radio station. Both online video producers share their experiences with introducing groundbreaking multimedia sites in Sacramento.
SacTV New Year's, 2012
Alex Cosper and Joe-G get together to talk about their web and video developments for showcasing and elevating Sacramento talent.
Joe-Gtv: Anthony D'Juan and Celia Crain Promoting their movie "Untitled," 2011
Joe-G interviews local filmmakers who explain their film about a semi-famous singer named Angelica DeGrassi whose album is released on a day she mourns a personal loss. Anthony D'Juan talks about his background and objectives. Celia Crain shares her experience in the making of the movie. The film trailer is included at the end, uploaded by SacRockRadio on YouTube.

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