Why It's Illegal To Be Homeless In Sacramento

At one time homelessness was not against the law in Sacramento, but now it is. Why is that? Well, part of it has to do with cold blooded local government run by failed leaders. Granted, most people who do have roofs over their heads don't want strangers sneaking into their backyards. Since most Sacramentans aren't homeless, despite its awful economy butchered by corporate and government downsizing as well as deceptive pranks pulled by the financial industry, there hasn't been much of an outcry.

Homeless camps on the American River have been cracked down upon by law enforcement since the market crash of 2008. Authorities have continued to treat homeless people camping on the river like criminals, as reported by KRCA in July 2015. While organizations such have Safeground have offered solutions at City Council meetings, it's still unclear if city and county officials really want to lift a finger to help citizens who have no place to live but somewhere on the streets.

Park rangers have issued citations for illegal camping. In 2014 they issued over 750 citations. Even though the county has expanded its ranger force from 12 to 23 since 2010, it's still not enough to patrol the 15,000 acres stretching for 23 miles along the American River. Other problems the rangers must deal with that may be connected with the homeless issue are fires and drugs. Those are legitimate concerns, but why has it also become illegal for caring citizens to feed the homeless?

Since Wall Street is driven by lots of fake money created by the Federal Reserve, why does it have to be a big worthless mean chump instead of helping people?

It's amazing that the leaders who are supposed to protect and promote the Sacramento area don't think much about their legacy as flops to the community. True leaders look for solutions to help their people, not stomp on them like heartless thugs. Sacramento was one of the most destroyed markets thanks to Wall Street's snakes that played illegal games with not just the housing market, but with prices and jobs in general. Thanks to these unworthy greedy clowns who pose as financial experts, the middle class on down had to deal with stagnant pay, worse jobs and higher prices due to artificial scarcity set up by monopolists.

Never mind the fact that laws are routinely passed due to bribing lawmakers, even though that's the root of many problems across America. That problem isn't going away soon unless that masses wake up and complain. Occupy Wall Street did make quite a mark for awhile but eventually it dissolved, as the crooks who run the financial system are back to building bigger swimming pools from all the fake money they don't really earn from complicated ponzi schemes.

The people who just say "get a job" to homeless people might not have bothered to check, but there really aren't that many good jobs being created in the "economic recovery" unless you consider working as a slave for minimum wage at unhealthy fast food dumps any kind of opportunity. Corporations aren't hiring, so it's been mostly up to small businesses to carry the weight of the economy destroyed by big biz frauds who stash their wealth overseas.

Reasonable leaders would not let this problem persist. They would at least think about restoring big empty box stores as homeless shelters. You'll find empty office spaces all over town because businesses could no longer afford the high rent and leases artificially jacked up by property managers and owners. What's ridiculous is Sacramento isn't known for billionaires, which says a lot about its limitations and failure as a business community. Yet the ones who do have enough wealth and power don't seem to have much insight on how to put the region's broken economy back together.

Judgement of the needy by the greedy is not impressive. Consider for a moment, however, how half of America is deep in financial thanks to the skunks on Wall Street. Not all homeless people became homeless because they refused to work. Some just ran out of resources that were drained by the cowards of the system who are the ones that should be thrown in prison. Victims of the system can learn more from the report No Safe Place: The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities by the National Law Center.

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