Sacramento Environmental Issues

Corps levee inspections, Nov. 21, 2011
Ryan Larson of the US Army Corps of Engineers' Sacramento District explains the levee system inspection south of Sacramento to collect information for their levee safety program. Uploaded by SacramentoDistrict on YouTube.
Natomas Flood Risk, Oct. 2011
This Army Corps of Engineers video describes the flooding dangers of the Natoma basin in Sacramento. Uploaded by SacramentoDistrict on YouTube.
BNA Interview: Kevin Johnson, Mayor Sacramento @ GreenGov 2011
At the GreenGov Symposium in Washington, DC. Kevin Johnson is interviewed about improving Sacramento's environment by BNA Media Group Managing Editor Terry Hyland. The Sacramento Mayor talks about the GreenWise Action Plan to make the city a nationally-competitive environmental technology market known as "Emerald Valley."
Air Pollution in Sacramento, Feb. 4, 2011
David X provides video documentation of aircraft pollution in the skies of Sacramento. He says "this is probably the biggest environmental pollution story that no one is talking about."
Radiation Fallout From Japan Reaches Sacramento, But Levels are Negligible, Mar. 18, 2011
Trade the Trend reports that radiative particles from the Japan nuclear reactor leak disaster has arrived in Northern California. Authorities says measuring devices are not showing elevated dangerous levels of radiation.
Climate Change and the History of the Delta, 2010
Professor Jeff Mount, Director of the Watershed Sciences at UC Davis gives a lecture on how climate change has affected the Delta and what to expect in the future. He describes the Delta as an eco-system with a water supply problem. He says there are proposals to build over 130,000 new homes on the Delta, saying we haven't learned from past mistakes.
Assenblymember Nava Speaks Out Against Offshore Drilling, Jan. 11, 2010
Assembly Access produced this video of Assemblymember Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara) urging fellow state legislators to vote no on a bill that that would allow 30 new oil wells and drilling off the Santa Barbara coast. He reminds colleagues of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara that made national headlines.
Sacramento Sustainability Forum Presents: "Green" Dean Tormey, Allied Waste, 2010
Dean Tormey of Allied Waste Services talks about waste and recycling. "Green Dean" helps companies get LEED certification. Uploaded by SacSustainForum on YouTube (see
Sacramento Air Quality/Heat Wave, July 2008
Sacramento County PH covers a triple problem the week of July 7-11, 2008 involving a wave of increased smoke, ozone and heat. Health safety tips are given for filtering out dust particles that can cause lung damage.
Assemblymember Huffman Argues for Schools, Against Big Oil, Mar. 14, 2008
Assembly Access presents a speech by Jared Huffman, who says California needs to close loopholes on the big oil companies who cause environmental damage. A measure to close the loopholes was blocked by Republicans in the Assembly.
Democrats Vote for Schools, Republicans Vote for Big Oil, Mar. 14, 2008
Democrats were unable to get two thirds of Assembly votes needed to pass a bill that would have reduced the number of teacher layoffs, which was in the thousands earlier in the week. It would have raised $1.2 billion in taxes on oil company profits, which was recently hit record levels. The bill was defeated 45-30 as reported by Assembly Access.
Spare the Air Commercial, 2008
This Spare the Air commercial was created by the Sacramento Air Quality Management District to help inform the public about environmental safety.

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