Sacramento Issues: Energy and Sustainability

Sacramento Environmental Commission - April 19, 2021
This County of Sacramento video captures the Sacramento Environmental Commission providing conservation advice for community leaders.
Top of Rancho Seco cooling towers, 2011
Uploaded by 300sniper on Mar 29, 2011 view from the top of the cooling towers at rancho seco nuclear generating station in california. i heard they are about 430 feet tall, but i didn't verify that.
i4energy: Smart Grid Development at SMUD, 2010
Uploaded by citrisuc on Nov 19, 2010 Lecture by : Jim Parks (Program Manager of Energy Efficiency and Customer R&D, Sacramento Municipal Utility District) The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is committed to advancing smart grid technologies in its service territory. Last year SMUD was awarded $127.5 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to advance smart grid implementation by several years.
From nuclear to solar energy at Rancho Seco power plant, 2008
Solar facilities help Sacramento Municipal Utilitity District (SMUD) meet carbon-free energy demand. Uploaded by Government Technology videos at See video review., 2008
This video explains in detail solar water heating systems manufactured in Carmichael that create energy savings. The video also demonstrates system installation. Uploaded by SolarRoofs.

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