Biden Sets Jan. 4 Vaccine Mandate Deadline

Kim Iversen, who attended UC Davis a few decades ago, continues to appear on the national news/commentary podcast Rising, published by Washington DC firm The Hill. She comments on President Biden's vaccine mandate for federal workers and contractors. The vaccine mandate has come under fire by protesters who argue it's unconstitutional. Meanwhile, Covid cases in Sacramento peaked in early September 2021 shortly after the national peak in late August.

Sacramento County Pays Inmates to Get Vaccine

CBS13 reports that Sacramento County is paying County Jail inmates to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The County Jail says since March 2020 through early November 2021 there have been 2,018 positive cases in the jail, which accounts for 30 percent of inmates. The County says it tests inmates during the intake process.

Local Festivals Launch Covid Centers

KCRA News reports that local Sacramento festivals have adopted Covid-19 centers for testing and administering vaccines. This news clip covers this year's Broadway International Festival featuring classic cars and local music. Healthcare company Curative is shown hosting a mobile Covid care center at Broadway and 19th Street.

Report on Immunity and the Immune System

Kim Iversen continues to get more time on the popular podcast Rising as she talks about a new study published by MedRxiv based on data from Israel about the effectiveness of the immune system fighting Covid-19. The report suggests that natural immunity provides a stronger solution than the vaccines. A similar recent study by Yale scientists also suggests that natural immunity provides a stronger response to COVID-19 Researcher Akiko Iwasaki says generating strong immunity involving local antibodies and T cells will help prevent the spread of the infection and disease.

Pharma Exec Slips, Reveals Endless Vaccine Profit Motive

Kim Iversen, who went to UC Davis and worked at KWOD when it was an alternative station in Sacramento, has developed a national video following with her social commentary show. In this episode she explains how a Pfizer executive told investors about the pharma giant's profit opportunities if the pandemic has no end.

Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate at Capitol

Capitol Park was the scene of an organized rally of healthcare professionals protesting a state vaccine mandate. The footage taken by KXTV ABC10 was taken on August 16, 2021. The protest was not against the covid vaccine as the group's emphasis was freedom of choice for individuals to decide what to do with their bodies. In order to keep their jobs, healthcare workers must comply with a state mandate to get both vaccine shots by the end of September or submit to weekly Covid-19 testing.

Sac Leads State in New Summer Covid Cases

In July 2021 Sacramento had the highest rate of new COVID-19 infection cases of any major city in California per 100,000 people. The surge began in June as the state reopened for business and public events. CBS 13 reports that Sacramento County's Hispanic and Black communities accounted for half of new cases in the county the past month.

COVID-19 Delta Variant in Sacramento Region

Even after California reopened for business June 15th, many residents have been reluctant to stop wearing masks in public due to the latest coronavirus concern about the contagious delta strain. This KCRA TV video questions Yolo County Public Information Officer Dr. Aimee Sisson.

Sac, San Joaquin Counties Move to Orange Tier

Several California counties including Sacramento, San Joaquin and Solano move into less restrictive tiers that allow for businesses reopening. Nineteen counties including San Francisco are now in the least restrictive tier. Meanwhile, most counties in the state are in the orange moderate tier for the first week of June 2021.

Kings Player De'Aaron Fox Discusses His Covid Experience

Kings point guard De'Aaron Fox tells his story in this 21 minute piece about getting struck with the coronavirus. He said he had headaches, body aches and chills when he experienced his illness. He missed 13 NBA games in the 2019-2020 season due to his illness. Fox says it's been a difficult process getting back to playing with the team.

Vaccination Rates Fall in Parts of Sac County

KCRA reports on the COVID-19 vaccination rate in Sacramento as of early May 2021. Vaccination percentages in certain parts of the county are lower than state averages. A report has found that about half of North Highlands residents had gotten their shots.

Covid Cases Linked to Meatpacking

Over 300,000 Covid-19 cases have been linked to counties with meatpacking plants. A UC Davis study found that large pork-packing facilities have seen 160% increased transmission rates, as reported by KCRA Channel 3 compared with California counties without meatpacking plants.

Golden 1 Center Reopens for Kings Games

The Sacramento Kings invited 1,600 healthcare workers and responders to its first game in a year open to an audience at Golden 1 Center, where the team plays its home games. ABC10 Reports on how the public will be able to attend Kings games again starting April 21, 2021.

Effects of J&J Vaccine Pause on Sacramento

Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccine, which is one of three options in America besides the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, was paused by federal officials on April 13, 2021 due to reports that six women developed blood clots after getting vaccinated.

State to Reopen June 15

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 that the state "may reopen" for business in a few months on June 15. In this brief KCRA footage he outlines the plan, which will continue requiring people wear masks in public places.

CDC Easter Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave social gathering guidelines for Easter Sunday (April 4, 2021) celebrations. The CDC said people who have been vaccinated should feel free to gather with other vaccinated individuals, whereas those who haven't been vaccinated should stay home, as reported by KOVR (CBS 13).

Proof of Vaccination at Public Venues Required

Beginning April 15, 2021, the State of California will require individuals to show proof of vaccination in order to attend public venues, as reported by KCRA.

Early April Vaccine Counts

This April 1, 2021 KCRA News video provides data on the number of vaccine doses issued to counties for the third week of April. The dose counts for each brand were: Johnson & Johnson (12,100), Pfizer (11,700) and Moderna (9,200).

Gov Ends Stay-at-Home Order Jan. 15

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on January 25, 2021 effective immediately he had lifted the state's stay-at-home order, which had been in effect since last December. The 7-day average number of cases at the time was 23,283, as reported by KXTV (ABC10). Newsom's announcement begins at about the 7:00 mark.

Cases Spike Near Thanksgiving

COVID-19 cases increased to a record-setting 900-1000 per day in Sacramento County leading up to Thanksgiving 2020, as reported by KXTV (ABC10). November began with around 70 cases per day. There had been around 100 per day during the Halloween season.

Sacramento Begins Stay-at-Home Order Dec. 10

Another statewide shutdown for many businesses, along with a stay-at-home order beginning December 10, 2020. The shutdown was called in response to rising COVID-19 cases during the Thanksgiving season. This KXTV (ABC10) story includes a few interviews with local business owners on their reaction to the shutdown.

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