Interviews with Radio Host
Dave Williams

Dave Williams, a talk radio star-turned-podcaster, has crafted a unique interview series at Conversations.Buzz.
Below are SacTV interviews by Alex Cosper conducted with Dave Williams online in January 2024. Alex is based in Sacramento, while Dave dialed in from Dallas, where he was morning talk radio host for nearly a dozen years from 2012 through 2023. This interview series is the first ever to spotlight Dave's successful radio career spanning several decades.
Dave Williams Reflects on Sacramento Top 40 Radio in the 1970s

Dave Williams began his radio career in Yuba City in 1969. The following year he landed a job at his favorite hometown station, 1240 KROY. During his time there, he advanced to the morning show at a time the station was number one in the ratings. He went on to program top 40 rival 1470 KNDE before venturing into talk radio.
Dave Williams on Sacramento Talk Radio (KGNR, KFBK)

In this segment Dave reflects on his early days of talk radio at KCRA/KGNR in the late 70s through the mid-eighties, which led to him and Bob Nathan landing the morning show at KFBK in 1985. He talks about achieving what every radio personality dreams of: securing number one in the ratings year after year.
Dave Williams on Working with Rush Limbaugh at KFBK

Many Sacramentans know that prior to becoming the highest-paid person on radio, Rush Limbaugh worked middays on-air at 1530 KFBK. He came on after the Dave Williams and Bob Nathan morning show. At one point in the late eighties, Dave Williams handled both programming and the morning show. As PD, he regularly met with Rush, but allowed him to do his show how he wanted.
Dave Williams on 21st Century Radio

Predicting the survival of AM radio at a time when automakers are considering discontinuing it in car stereos, Dave observes that there's still a community need for AM, particularly in emergencies. This episode was edited for SacTV and also appears on Playlist Research as part of the podcast series "A Century of Radio Interviews."

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