Sacramento Video Interviews

February 2024 - Interview with Kirk McCaleb
February 2024 - Interview with Kitty O'Neal
January 2024 - Interviews with Dave Williams
December 2023 - Interviews with Ken Koenig
December 2023 - Tribute to Cary Nosler (2015 Interview)
December 2019 - Tribute to Russ Solomon (2013 Interview)
June 2015 - Jane Sibbett: From KRAT to Hollywood
November 2013 - Interviews with Caron Vikre
October 2013 - Interviews with Jenn Rogar
October 2013 - Interviews with Harley White, Jr.
September 2013 - Interview with Melonnee Desiree
August 2013 - Interviews with The Features
July 2013 - Rafting on the American River in Sacramento
May 2013 - Rock and Radio Museum Interview with Dennis Newhall
May 2013 - Skip Maggiora at Skip's Music 40th Anniversary
March 2013 - How Mark Dobbins Makes Guitars
February 2013 - History of the Crest Theatre with Matias Bombal
January 2013 - Twirl Radio with Mike Lidskin on The Voice
December 2012 - Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?
November 2012 - KDVS Interview with Mike Taber
October 2012 - Eric Denio Tells the History of Denio's Market
September 2012 - Retro-Union Brings 80s/90s Scene Back Together
August 2012 - Sacramento Historian William Burg
July 2012 - Cal Expo Scrapbook 2012
June 2012 - KROY Story: Interviews with Johnny Hyde
May 2012 - Don Alias Explains Internet Radio
April 2012 - Alex Cosper interviews Chris Collins and Kil R Bee
March 2012 - Alex Cosper interviews Bee Writer David Watts Barton (Sacramento Bee, SacPress)
Febuary 2012 - Alex Cosper interviews Dann Shively (KCRA Sky Reporter 70s-2011)
January 2012 - TimesTwoProductions: Mike Lidskin Interviews Alex Cosper (KWOD, SacTV)
New Year's 2012 - Alex Cosper interviews Joe-G (
December 2011 Interview Series with Frank Casanova
March 2011 - Joe-GTV: Alex Cosper on
December 2003 - The Legend of KZAP: Jeff Hughson, Dennis Newhall, Robert Williams
May 2000 - Interview with Dennis Newhall on Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum
April 2000 - Interviews with Tony Cox
Archives - 1990s Sac Alternative Scene (Alex Cosper, Jerry Perry, Brian McKenna, Dave Park)

The Alex Cosper and Chris Collins Interview Video Series is a fun, nostalgic look at Northern California radio history. The show discusses many different aspects of the radio industry with emerging competition from internet radio. Chris shares interesting perspectives on how to be a radio market champion. His Morning Zoo show at KSFM in the 1980s and 1990s clearly proved that creativity works better than automation.

Alex Cosper Interviews Jeffry-Wynne Prince, 2012
SacTV's Alex Cosper interviews Jeffry-Wynne Prince, guitarist of The Kimberly Trip. He talks about the band's indie success versus thieir experience with major label distribution. If there's a band from Sacramento that has proven they can sell thousands of CDs and downloads by doing it their way, it's The Kimberly Trip, who were featured in the indie resource book Indie Revelations. Uploaded by SacTVnews on YouTube.
Studio Sacramento: The Future of Downtown Sacramento - KVIE, 2011
Executive Director of Downtown Sacramento Partnership Michael Ault and Sacramento Press Editor David Watts Barton evaluate the development of Downtown over the years and where development is going.. Uploaded by KVIEvideo on YouTube.
Scotty Mars Talks To John McCrea From Cake On Live 105, 2011
Live 105 (from Halifax, Canada) host Scotty Mars interviews Cake's singer John McCrae, who explains the 7 year recording break for the band, choosing to go indie and record the first solar produced album ever, "Showroom of Compassion," which topped the Billboard 200 album chart in January 2011. Uploaded by Live105Halifax on YouTube.
The Deftones Interview, May 11, 2011
Frank Delgado and Sergio Vega from The Deftones are interviewed during their 2011 sellout tour. Uploaded by TheRaveUSA on YouTube.
Deftones singer Chino Moreno interview with Joe-G, May 20, 2011
Chino Moreno talks with Joe-G about growing up in Sacramento, making music and moving to L.A. Uploaded by SacRockRadio on YouTube. Read more about Videographer Joe-G and his internet radio/video station Sac Rock Radio here.
Poetic Justice Radio Interview at Capital Radio, Aug. 27, 2009
Playwright Deborah Tobola of the Poetic Justice Project and cast members talk about the play "Off The Hook" on Capital Public Radio show "Insights." The play is about violence and racial segregation in prison. Uploaded by BFMIMedia on YouTube.
A Conversation with MIKE-E, Aug. 27, 2007
Sacramento entertainer/musician Mike-E talks about getting back to the roots of rap and African culture. He went on to the NBC TV show "Office" in 2011. Uploaded by audibletreats ( on YouTube.

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