Timeline of Sacramento History

1839 Commissioned by Mexico, John Sutter arrives at uncolonized land to establish New Helvetia
1840 John Sutter builds Sutter's Fort
1846 United States goes to war with Mexico
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo awards California to the United States
1848 James Marshall strikes gold at Sutter's Mill near Coloma
1848 SF journalist Sam Brannan reports on gold discovery, which attracts people from around the world
1848 John Sutter Jr. begins to transform New Helvetia into Sacramento
1850 California is officially admitted to the United States
1849 Original Eagle Theatre is constructed
1850 The new city is devastated by massive flooding
1851 The Daily Union is founded at the first daily newspaper west of the Mississippi
1854 The state legislature moves to Sacramento
1857 The Sacramento Bee launches, originally as the Daily Bee
1859 Capitol Park becomes the site of the state fair
1860 Pony Express begins as a mail delivery service from Sacramento to St. Joseph, MO
1860 Construction on the State Capitol begins
1861 Another massive flood strikes the downtown area, as Gov. Leland Stanford sails to his inauguration on a rowboat
1861 Civil War breaks out and Sacramento is heavily pro-Union
1861 Sacramento is linked to the First Transcontinental Telegraph, ending the Pony Express
1862 Downtown construction begins on raising buildings above flood level
1863 Construction begins on First Transcontinental Railroad
1866 The Sacramento Daily Union commissions Mark Twain to write 4 articles from Hawaii
1871 East Park (now McKinley Park) opens as city's largest private recreation area
1872 Construction of Crocker Art Museum is completed
1874 Construction of the State Capitol is completed
1875 Sacramento Publishing Company acquires the Daily Union
1879 Sacramento is declared the permanent capital of California
1883 James McClatchy died as his sons Charles (C.K.) and Valentine take control of the Sacramento Bee
1902 City of Sacramento purchased East Park for $12,500 and renames it after President McKinley, who was assassinated in 1901
1909 The state fair moves from Capitol Park to Stockton Blvd
1910 Northern Railway bridge (later replaced by Tower Bridge) is completed
1911 Former mayor/developer William Land dies, leaving $250,000 to create public park named after him
1912 Crest Theatre on K Street opens
1916 Sacramento City College opens
1918 Mather AFB is built and opens during WWI
1920 Voters adopt the city's current charter
1922 Clunie Hall is built at McKinley Park
1922 KVQ (now KFBK) debuts as Sacramento's frist commercial radio station
1923 Voters approve of the creation of SMUD
1924 William Land Park Golf Course opens as the city's first golf course
1924 McGeorge School of Law is established
1924 Weinstock & Lubin department store opens at 12th & K
1924 Senator Hotel opens across from the Capitol
1926 US Routes 40 and 50 open
1927 Memorial Auditorium opens
1927 Sacramento Zoo opens initially as "William Land Park Zoo"
1928 US 99 highway opens
1935 Tower Bridge is completed at a cost of just under $1 million
1935 The Sacramento Bee is awarded its first Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for public service
1936 Following the death of C.K. McClatchy, daughter Eleanor takes over the Sacramento Bee
1938 Tower Theatre at 16th & Broadway is built
1938 McClellan AFB is completed and opens
1941 Russ Solomon opens Tower Record Mart in the back of the Tower Theatre on 16th & Broadway
1942 Rocket manufacturer Aeroject is founded in Rancho Cordova
1943 Disney creates logo for the Sacramento Bee
1946 Court orders PG&E to transfer title of local electric utility system to SMUD
1947 Camp Kohler, where Japanese internment is held, burns down in a fire
1947 Sacramento State University opens
1950 City Council approves establishment of Sacramento Redevelopment Agency
1955 American River College opens
1957 Arden Fair opens as a single-level mall
1957 Construction begins on West End renovation plan, marking end of Japantown
1959 Fairytale Town opens in William Land Park
1960 Tower Records at Watt & El Camino opens
1961 Redevelopment of West End culminates in new Capitol Mall
1961 Hale's, which later becomes Weinstock's, opens at Arden Fair
1962 Much of Sac State construction completed, including erection of Guy West Bridge
1962 Bee president Eleanor McClatchy convinces President Kennedy to postpone I-5 construction to preserve Old Sac
1963 Macy's opens Downtown as the largest department store in the region
1963 Construction begins on Cal Expo
1963 Port of Sacramento opens
1964 I-80 replaces US Route 40 as part of state renumbering plan
1964 CalTrans begins planning I-5 construction
1964 Sacramento and North Sacramento merge to become a much larger city
1965 Tower Records moves across the street from Tower Theatre
1966 SMUD purchases land to build Rancho Seco nuclear power plant
1968 The state fair moves from Stockton Blvd to Cal Expo with commencement by Gov. Reagan
1969 K Street discontinues traffic to become a pedestrian mall
1971 Downtown Plaza opens
1972 Plane crashes into Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour on Freeport, killing 22 people
1973 Roseville rail car, making national news
1973 Regional Transit bus service begins
1973 Skip's Music opens on Auburn Blvd
1974 Sacramento Dixieland Jazz Jubilee launches Memorial Day Weekend
1975 A year after being kidnapped, Patty Hearst is involved in a Carmichael bank robbery
1975 Southbound I-5 is completed in the Sacramento area
1975 Rancho Seco nuclear power plant begins commercial operation
1975 President Ford escapes an assassination attempt by Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme in front of the Capitol
1976 The "East Area Rapist" begins a series of homicides and rapes over the next few years
1978 President Carter makes campaign speech for Gov. Brown near Capitol
1979 Toxic chemicals are found in water wells near Aeroject
1980 Flooding occurs near I-5
1981 Railroad History Museum is completed
1985 Computer store owner Hugh Scrutton is killed by "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski
1985 The Kansas City Kings relocate to Sacramento, becoming the city's first major pro sports team
1986 Memorial Auditorium closes
1987 RT light rail operations begin
1988 Dorothy Puente is arrested and charged with 9 murders/font>
1988 Arco Arena opens as home of the Kings
1989 Voters approve closure of Rancho Seco nuclear power plant due to mismanagement
1993 Second level of Downtown Plaza opens
1993 President Clinton visits McClellan AFB then Pentagon selects it for closure
1993 Mather AFB is decommissioned
1994 The Sacramento Union discontinues after 143 years
1995 In a network swap on March 6, KXTV became an ABC affiliate and KOVR picked up CBS
1995 Timber lobbyist Gilbert Brent Murray is killed by "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski
1996 Weinstock's is converted to Macy's after being acquired by Federated
1996 America Live! closes on the Downtown Plaza
1996 Memorial Auditorium reopens after renovation
1997 Hard Rock Cafe opens on the Downtown Plaza, replacing America Live!
1998 RT light rail expands with the opening of Mather Field/Mills station
1998 Westfield America, Inc. purchases the Downtown Plaza
2002 Kings have the best NBA record at 61-21, but lose to the Lakers in the playoffs
2003 Groundwater sampling in Carmichael finds contamination from Aeroject
2004 Investigative journalist Gary Webb is found dead of gunshot wounds in his Carmichael home
2006 Tower Records closes all its stores due to bankruptcy
2006 The McClatchy Company becomes the biggest newspaper chain in the US after acquiring Knight Ridder
2007 KDND (107.9 The End) makes national news when contestant Jennifer Strange dies of water intoxication
2008 NBA star Kevin Johnson is elected mayor of Sacramento
2009 Butler Amusements takes over running state fair rides and games
2009 Jury orders KDND owner to pay $16 million to the family of Jennifer Strange for on-air water drinking death
2010 Expanded Crocker Art Museum reopens as one of the largest museums in America
2010 Hard Rock Cafe closes on the Downtown Plaza
2011 UC Davis police pepper spray demonstrators, creating national controversy
2012 Jazz Jubilee held every Memorial Day Weekend in Old Sac becomes the Sacramento Music Festival
2012 Westfield sells the Downtown Plaza to JMA Ventures, LLC
2012 Power Balance Arena (formerly Arco) becomes Sleep Train Arena
2012 K Street Mall is rebranded as "The Kay"
2013 Vivek Ranadive purchases Kings from the Maloof brothers
2015 Downtown Plaza becomes Downtown Commons
2015 Bee reports that McClellan Airfield is a Superfund site
2016 Golden 1 Center, new home of the Kings, opens with Paul McCartney

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