Sacramento Historic Events

Timeline of Sacramento History
Sacramento and Bay Area Concert History
Freeform Radio Survives
Sacramento Rock Museum Tour 2013
Sacramento Rock Museum Interview with Dennis Newhall 2013
Sacramento Rock Museum Interview with Dennis Newhall 2000
History of Sacramento Entertainment: William Burg
Russ Solomon Interview on Charr Crail's Art
Early History of the Crest Theatre with Matias Bombal
Electric Cars Charged by SMUD
History of Denio's in Roseville: Eric Denio
Sacramento Slowly Recovers from Recession
The Adventures of Tesla Live On
Tower Founder Russ Solomon Shares Company History
History of Weinstock's: Annette Kassis
Railyards History and Revitalization
Blue Diamond History Spans Over a Century
The New Era of the Crocker Art Museum
KCRA Film Archives Feed National Media
Local History of Early Movie Theaters
History of Sacramento's Japantown
Mark Twain Wrote for the Sacramento Union

Sacramento Media History

Sacramento Radio History Montage #1
Sacramento Radio History Montage #2
Sacramento Radio History Montage #3
Sacramento Radio History Montage #4
Sacramento Radio History Montage #5
Sacramento 80s Radio Montage

KROY Story Interview Series

The Legend of KZAP

Interview with Jeff Hughson #1: The Dawn of Freeform
Interview with Jeff Hughson #2: The Birth of KZAP
Interview with Dennis Newhall: 70s Freeform Radio at KZAP
Interview with Robert Williams #1: KZAP Programming
Interview with Robert Williams #2: 1970s Rock Scene
KZAP Returns To KDVS: Jeff Hughson and Edd Fong Interviews

Radio Vs. Internet
Earth Radio Reunion 2000
Transition from FM to Internet Radio
Lessons from FM Radio for the Internet
1990s Sacramento Alternative Scene
The Power of Indie Radio
Tony Cox Interview #1: How FM Radio Took Over
Tony Cox Interview #2: Radio Theater of the Mind
Tony Cox Interview #3: Battle for Radio Control
Tony Cox Explains Audience Perception and Meeting Paul McCartney
Tony Cox Interview: Radio Deregulation in the 1980s
Dave Skyler Interview: How KPOP Became 93 Rock
Dave Skyler Interview: A Career in Radio & TV
Dave Skyler Interview: Sacramento Radio in the 1980s

Chris Collins Interview #1: From Earth Radio to FM 102
Chris Collins Interview #2: April Fools Radio
Chris Collins Interview #3: FM 102's Successful Programming in the 1980s
Chris Collins Interview #4: Zoo Keeping
Chris Collins Interview #5: Cutting Edge Radio
Chris Collins Interview #6: Collins Vs. Competition
Chris Collins Interview #7: End of the Zoo

David Watts Barton Interview #1: Working at Tower
David Watts Barton Interview #2: Early Writing
David Watts Barton Interview #3: Local Highlights, The Bee
David Watts Barton Interview #4: Songwriting
Dann Shively Interview #1: Pilot of the Airwaves, KCRA
Dann Shively Interview #2: Early Radio Days
Dann Shively Interview #3: Helicopter Stories
Dann Shively Interview #4: Live TV Reporting
Dann Shively Interview #5: Sacramento Traffic

Exploring KFBK's Early History

The Rise of Alternative Radio (History of KWOD)
KWODumentary video series
KWOD Sacramento Radio Interviews with Alex Cosper

Sacramento Music History

Sacramento Music Scene History Videos
Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum: Interview with Dennis Newhall
Sacramento's First Internet Radio Station: SacLive 1999-2000
Sacramento Music Scene 1999
1990s Sacramento Music Scene
1980s Sacramento Music Scene
1960s Sacramento Music Scene
Sacramento Concert History 1960s
Sacramento Concert History 1970s
Sacramento Concert History 1980s
Sacramento Concert History 1990s

Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone?
Book by Davis writers Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March

Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone?
60s/70s Pop Music Research
Interviews of Pop Legends
Electronic Pop and the Mellotron
Selecting Pop Artist Stories
Writing and Publishing from Davis

Whatever Happened to Weinstock's?
Annette Kassis is a California historian who has written a book called Weinstock's: Sacramento's Finest Department Store, released regionally in August 2011. She explains how the store last 120 years until it was devastated by the late 80s/early 90s recession, leading to its bankruptcy and takeover by Federated. She tells a summary of the history in part 1 and more details in part 2. Uploaded by SacTVnews on YouTube.
Space Shuttle Endeavour Flies Over Sacramento, 2012
This City of Sacramento video shows the flight of the cross country space shuttle exhibition for Endeavor on Sept. 21, 2012. The aircraft could be seen all over Sacramento. Another interesting view about Haggin Oaks Golf Course can be seen here.
Sacramento News & Review 21st Birthday, 2010
News & Review's VIP 21st Birthday Party features A Taste of the Boulevard. Uploaded by Dawggrowl on YouTube.
Brown Defeats Whitman in California Governor's Race, Nov. 3, 2010
Former California Gov. Jerry Brown is elected to a third term, defeating billionaire Meg Whitman, who spent a record $142 million of her own money on the campaign. Uploaded by AssociatedPress on YouTube.
KXTV News10 50th Anniversary #1, March 19, 2010
KXTV News 10 celebrates its 50th anniversary with classic footage and presents its history hosted by Jennifer Smith, Dale Schornack and Cristina Mendonsa. The special was produced by Dan Adams and edited by Bill Carragher. Uploaded by 10TVMan on YouTube.
Sutter's Fort: A Pioneer's Destination, 2009
Two 4th grade girls explain the importance of Sutter's Fort during the California Gold Rush. Uploaded by Fabuloushayley.
California State Capitol, 2007
Here are views of the State Capitol uploaded by AndrewGerasimov on YouTube.
The Rebirth of Sacramento's Railyards, 2011
This video capture's the Downtown Sacramento Railyard's history as a vibrant local economic force that at one time employed 10,000 workers. The piece also highlights the revitalization of the 240 acre site, uploaded by CCLRtv on YouTube.

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