Interviews with Harley White, Jr.

Harley White, Jr. met with SacTV host Alex Cosper on October 23, 2013 for a series of interviews about his relationship with music in Sacramento for many years, including the Harley White, Jr. Orchestra and signed band Papa's Culture.
Alex Cosper Interviews Harley White, Jr.
This first interview was recorded outside Fox and Goose on October 23, 2013. Harley talks about his jazz orchestra and how they mostly play original music, but are also influenced by jazz classics of the 1920s through 1950s. Read more
Harley White, Jr. - Solo Music
Harley talks at Old Ironsides how he doesn't really focus on solo music anymore, as his main focus is working with his orchestra. Instead of dictating musical projects he lets the other nine musicians have creative input. Read more
Harley White, Jr. - Social Commentary Songs
Harley explains how the lack of current social commentary songs is partly a reflection that what the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley have said in their music simply can't be done better. Read more
Harley White, Jr. on Papa's Culture
Harley talks about his adventures getting signed to Island Records by Chris Blackwell during his college years while he crafted the band Papa's Culture. The band went on to get signed to Elektra Records in the early 90s. Read more
Harley White, Jr. on the Music Industry
Harely comments on the 90s era music industry while he was signed and the aftermath. He watched the music industry change from favoring artist development to becoming tight about the economics of commercialism. Low cost hip hop music and emphasis on trends did not make room for eclectic bands like Papa's Culture. Read more
Harley White, Jr. on Indie Culture
In the new century there are many advantages that favor independent artists that didn't exist in the 20th century. Harley believes one thing that jazz, blues, r&b and rock have going for them is that they are genres that originated in America.
Harley White, Jr. on the Cupcake CD
In this final interview segment Harley discusses his orchestra and thoughts about the band's new CD called Cupcake.

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