Sacramento Food and Dining Videos

Article: Making the Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle by Alex Cosper

Golden Bear
Gerrior visits The Golden Bear near the State Capitol at 2326 K St., owned by local entrepreneurs Kimio Bazett and Jon Modrow. Uploaded by gerrior on YouTube. Read more in this Sacramento Press article.
Rob on the Road: Biba Restaurant - KVIE
Biba wins KVIE's poll of 40,000 members who voted on Sacramento's best restaurant. KVIE's Rob Stewart talks with humble owner Biba Caggiano about the victory. Uploaded by KVIEvideo on YouTube.
The Firehouse
Here's a short documentary of the Firehouse Restaurant, which celebrated its 50th anniversary the past year. Uploaded by IntegrantU2B on YouTube.
Grange Restaurant - In a Pastry Chef's Kitchen
The Grange Restaurant is located at the Citizen Hotel in Downtown Sacramento, where Pastry Chef Elaine Baker talks about the Point Reyes Blue Cheesecake with fresh grapes, hazelnut brittle and concord grape-port sauce. Uploaded by SacramentoMag on YouTube.
Ten 22 Video - Sacramento, CA - Restaurantse
Here's a virtual tour of Ten 22, a sophisticated but casual place for business dining, parties and family events, hosted by Owner Terry Harvego. Uploaded by Turnherelocal on YouTube.
Esquire Grill
Esquire Grill offers an elegant d├ęcor, seasonal menu and well-trained staff. Uploaded by ParagaryGroup on YouTube.
Michelangelo's Family Restaurant - Midtown Sacramento
Here's a brief documentary on the Italian restaurant at 18th & I Downtown, uploaded by Sendthem2canada on YouTube.
Shady Lady Saloon - Sacramento Bar
Alex Origoni, one of the co-owners of Shady Lady Saloon (1409 R St, Downtown Sacramento), gives a little history of the restaurant bar that serves classic drinks and vintage Americana cuisines with a modern presentation. Uploaded by thegridlife on YouTube.
Sacramento Caterer Hannibals Catering chooses One Source Media for NBC reality show promo spot
This video shows how Hannibals operates with personnel talking about the catering company. Uploaded by OneSourceMediaInc on YouTube.
The Virgin Sturgeon Restaurant
Here's a promo for Virgin Sturgeon, located on the Sacramento River at 1577 Garden Highway. Uploaded by midtowngrid on YouTube.
Elliott's Natural Foods - Rocklin
This video documents the one year anniversary of Elliott's Natural Foods in Rocklin. Uploaded by Bigfannof1984 on YouTube.
Sacramento's Farmer's Market
The MidtownGrid video captures the community spirit of shopping for fresh produce at Farmer's Market. - The Broiler Restaurant Review
SacDine reviewers Guy & Kristen give their opinions on The Broiler Steakhouse at 1201 K Street
SacDine - Online Dining Guide
This highly produced commercial advertises the website as a useful resource for ordering food or making reservations. Uploaded by SacDine on YouTube.

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