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A Place Called Sacramento 2021 Film Festival: A Perfect Match
A Perfect Match is a local film starring Natan Reedy, Leah Finity and Katie Tetz. The film features scenes shot at The Fig Tree Coffee House in Roseville. It was uploaded to YouTube by Access Sacramento 11/18/21.
Lady Bird
This independent film shot in Sacramento hit theaters in September 2017 and within a few months has already won several awards. The film was written and directed by Sacramentan Greta Gerwig. It stars Saoirse Ronan, who plays the role of Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, a high Catholic high school student who learns lessons about freedom and relationships.
Sacramento Film Festival 2017
Here's the trailer for the 2017 Sacramento Film Festival, held in April 2017 at the Crest Theatre and Delta King Theatre.
Local Filmmaking in the Digital Age
Frank Casanova, who runs The Studio Center in Sacramento, where many television commercials are made, talks about how local filmmaking has evolved in the digital era. He believes that at some point the internet will produce leaders who paves new revenue streams for video online. Read more about Frank Casanova.
Internet Video Industry Development
Sacramento film maker Rick Gott talks about how a new industry is growing from annual web festivals that emphasizes new video shows that serve niches. Gott, who is the producer of the web series Dark Pool, believes that there will be many opportunities for actors and film makers to build careers online. Read more about Rick Gott.
Underwater is a touching film that appeared at A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival in October 2012. The short film is about a Sacramento family struggling to pay bills so they decide to go to the river where their daughter almost drowned. It's one of the more serious films that has been showcased in the local competition. Read more about the film.
A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival 2012 Highlights & Reviews
Access Sacramento gave out awards at its 13th annual film festival on October 7, 2012. The Producer's award went to 12 year old filmmaker Ian Wynton for his ten minute film Man vs. Sacramento. interviewed Access Sacramento's Executive Director Ron Cooper along with other professionals involved with the local film scene. Read more
Sacramento Movie Houses: 1900-1928: Arcades To Auditoriums
Written by Tom Tolley of the Sacramento Public Libary, this documentary examines the history of movies theaters in Sacramento as far back as the early 1900s. Read more
Dark Pool
This short video series combines the themes of kidnapping and shady investment schemes that affect the life of a family man. Read more
The Watering Hole
Rob Tillitz stars in this film that paints Sacramento as a very sinister, freakish ghostown where the strangest things happen at bars. This film was featured in the 2011 A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. Read more
The Golden Tree,
Fiction and California History merge in this tale about the Gold Rush set in the 1850s. Read more
This powerful Judith Plank short film stars Rob Tillitz and Steve Dakota and examines the meaning of love. See Video of the Day review (12/26/11). The film closes with "Bits and Pieces" by Sacramento singer-songwriter Laura Ortiz. The film was featured in the 2010 "Place Called Sacramento" Film Festival. Uploaded by RobTilitz on YouTube.
The Art of the Pickup Line (Comedy)
This film won the 10X10 Filmmakers Challenge Award at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival 2010. The comedy was directed by Kristina Rodriguez. Uploaded by ipromedia on YouTube.
Tom Hanks: Saving Private Ryan, Junket Interview
Actor Tom Hanks talks about what he learned at Sac State with's Mark Greczmiel. Hanks recalls living on F Street. Uploaded by Reelrave on YouTube.
Sacramento - The Movie
Uploaded by igorg003 on Aug 20, 2009 Taped with Powershot SD780, but could'nt find a way to save the original quality, so it's not HD, just HQ.

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