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Sacramento Drive Videos - Cruisin' Scenes with Regional Indie Music

James Israel - Wake Up (drive video)
Downtown and Old Sacramento are the familiar scenery of this virtual tour that starts out heading west toward Downtown on Highway 160. We catch a glimpse of the Sacramento skyline. The Old Sac footage is a circular journey of the area beginning with the California Railroad Museum. Other shots include the American River bike trail and scenes of Interstate 5. James Israel wrote this song in the nineties. It appeared on his Inside Out CD called Putting It Out There. He still performs Downtown with the James Israel Band.
Harrison Price - Spiritual Zoo (drive video)
This electronic dance tune takes us down J Street, heading east in Midtown toward Business Loop 80. The journey culminates at Harlows, the classy restaurant-bar where many local bands that made names for themselves. The crew in the scenes represents leaders and patrons of the local club scene over the years who helped create excitement at various clubs that played "Spiritual Zoo" in the late 80s. Scott Bercier's Zu Club was an example of a hot club attraction that moved around town.
Morrisson - Funky Thing (cruise video) kicks off its series of "drive videos" of highway and street scenes set to local music. This video captures Watt Avenue and turning onto Eastbound Highway 50. The song has an infectious groove that mixes funk, soul, house and pop. It also has inspiring forward-thinking lyrics.
Cinema - Voyeur (drive video)
"Voyeur" was a local hit on KWOD in the 90s. It was written by Cinema singer Brad Adams, who was also an air personality on the station. In this virtual tour of the Arden Fair area we see scenes of the popular dance club that is no more, The Rage, which closed its doors in early 2012. Other scenes include KWOD's former location across from Cal Expo as well as Exposition Blvd, Arden Way and streets in between. Here's a SacPress article that explains some of the changes on Arden Way called Revisiting the Survivors and Ghosts on Arden Way.
Road 88 - Not Gonna Happen (drive video)
This cruise down Elk Grove Boulevard marks the neighborhood where Road 88 is popular. In 2012 they opened for Marshall Tucker Band at Thunder Valley Casino. The band, which features Rachel Steele on vocals and Scott Prentice on guitar, won a KCRA Channel 3 local band competition. This song is among their best upbeat crowd pleasers. This video captures Highway 99 North to Sacramento (in the Laguna area) and flashes of local businesses Dimple Records and Skip's Music in Elk Grove.
The Kimberly Trip - Almost Perfect BBQ (drive video)
Mixing local music with local scenery helps newcomers learn both the streets and the scene. This song will be featured on The Kimberly Trip's upcoming album in 2012. The video shows scenes of westbound Hwy 50 near Sunrise Blvd.
Ken Koenig - Down the Road (drive video)
"Down the Road" is a great cruisin' song in more ways than one. The song has an outstanding melodic countrified sound. Ken plans on releasing a new album in the summer of 2012. The video shows scenes of westbound Hwy 50 between Watt Avenue and Power Inn Road.
Becca Danielsen - Girls Night Out (drive video)
Becca Danielsen is an eclectic singer/songwriter whose 2012 album Something RIght is mixed with pop, jazz, rock, folk and country. Her song that she wrote with Ann Smith and Ken Koenig called "Girls Night Out" plays to the footage of scenes of Fair Oaks Boulevard crossing into Carmichael. This virtual tour moves toward Arden Way and El Camino Avenue.
Cultural Dissolve - Transcentury Detour (drive video)
This surf instrumental was used as the title track of a KWOD album on air quality in 1996. The video takes us on a tour of Arden Park in North Sacramento. The virtual tour includes La Sierra Drive in addition to the Arden and Watt area, heading west toward Fulton Avenue. Cultural Dissolve was actually the Beat Villains under a different name.
P.O.G. - California My Only Home (drive video)
"California My Only Home" is a song that pays deep respect to the state as we roll from Cal Expo to I-80 and then E Street on this virtual tour. The freeway from Cal Expo to midtown conjures up memories of lots of afternoon traffic jams, but since this video was shot on a Sunday afternoon, traffic was pretty free-flowing.
Darwins - No One Listens (drive video)
The Darwins take us on a virtual tour of K Street in Midtown Sacramento, a street covered in shade from overhanging trees on both sides of the street. The video gives us a glimpse of Sutter's Fort, a landmark where California's history as the Golden State began. The song "No One Listens" features the voices of John Young and Jennifer Steele.
Bret Bingham - Shining Through (drive video)
Bret Bingham takes us on a scenic virtual tour of American River Drive, a street rich with trees, just walking distance from the American River. The drive moves eastbound from Watt Avenue. The song "Shining Through" is a standout for fans of uplifting pop/rock music. Bret has worked with many local musicians over the years. His solo album First Impressions came out in 1996.
Nick Witry - Dorthea's House (drive video)
Dorothea Puente was a senior citizen who made national news in 1993 when she was convicted of a series of murders in the 1980s. She had operated a boarding home at 1426 F Street, where she lured in victims as a way of earning money from their Society Security payments before killing them. In the mid 90s KWOD played this song based on Puente, written and recorded by Nick Witry. The song was featured on the KWOD compilation called Overflow as a hidden track. The song reappears in this video, a virtual tour down F Street.
David Conley - You Can't Go (drive video)
On this virtual tour we visit the neighborhood where David Conley grew up west of Arden Fair in the Del Paso Heights area. David has since moved to Monterey but was a force in the local music scene throughout the 90s and early 2000s. He was host of the KWOD local music show "The Sound of Sacramento" and gave many local artists their first radio airplay. He's played in bands but is mainly a self-sufficient one man band. This tour begins near the Highway 160 underpass on Arden Way and moves to Del Paso Boulevard between Arden Way and Marysville Boulevard.

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