Tribute to Sacramento Filmmaker Frank Casanova

Interviews with Film Producer Frank Casanova

Frank Casanova, who operated The Studio Center production facility with his brother Fred, died in Sacramento October 19, 2023. He facilitated many corporate and political videos in Sacramento at his studio near Cal Expo over many years until it closed in 2017. It eventually was renamed Sacramento Media Center. Frank produced videos for former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and singer Olivia Newton-John, among other celebrities. His studio was where SacTV began one of its first interview series with Frank. His friendly approach to film and video production for the local region and beyond impacted many media careers. Here's a video series Frank did with SacTV in 2012.

Alex Cosper Interviews Frank Casanova
Frank gives some background on Studio Center activity while it was in operation, which continued through 2017, five years after this video series. The facility was home to several local film and video production experts who rented space from Frank and his brother Fred. In this video he discusses some of his projects, including working with Schwarzenegger.
Sacramento Video Production Tour with Frank Casanova
This segment is a tour through The Studio Center, with a focus on the main production studio. He explains the advantages of seamless walls, a high ceiling and production props. He also breaks down the technical significance of a green screen and how it's used as a backdrop for anything imaginable.
Local Filmmaking in the Digital Age
Video has been moving toward digital technology throughout the 21st century, which Frank explains in this segment. He talks about how digital is steadily replacing hardcopy formats such as DVD for archiving films and videos.
Monetizing Local Video Production
Questions about how to monetize local videos are answered by Frank, who talks about online revenue opportunities in the early stages of online video evolution. He points out that many people at this stage are happy just to have their video seen for free online and the possibilities the future will bring to video creators.
Political TV Advertising Analysis
With plenty of experience in crafting TV ads for local politicians, Frank discusses essential elements that go into campaign ads and why some commercials are more effective than others. He clarifies that message is just as important as presentation.

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