Charr Crail's artwork. Portraits from left to right are Jerry Brown, Maria Shriver, Russ Solomon and Brian Wheat. She displayed a total of 14 portraits
of notable Sacramento figures in digital art form for her Legacy Project at the Vanguard in Sacramento on August 22, 2013.

Sacramento Digital Artist Charr Crail: The Legacy Project

Charr Crail's Photographic Art
Sacramento freelance photojournalist and digital artist Charr Crail is interviewed about how she selected the honorees for her digital art exhibit of Sacramento community leaders called "The Legacy Project."
Creative Digital Art by Charr Crail
Charr talks about some of the things that distinguish photojournalism from digital art. She believes that photojournalism requires strong ethics, whereas digital art is more wide open to expression. She taught herself how to be a digital artist in the artform's infancy since there were no Photoshop classes at that time.
Digital Photographic Art by Charr Crail
In this video interview Charr talks about her background and evolution from studying photojournalism at Sacramento City College then being a community photographer for the Sacramento Bee then moving on to freelance photography. She explains how she works on digital art and how it's a unique expressive and imaginative artform.
Chris Goslow on Charr Crail
Sacramento musician Chris Goslow talks about "The Legacy Project" created by his wife Charr Crail. He goes through the booklet for the event and explains stories behind the digitally enhanced photographs done by Charr.
Russ Solomon Interview on Charr Crail's Art
Tower Records founder Russ Solomon shares his views about Charr Crail's art, which includes a digital photographic portrait of him. Russ himself is a photographer who appreciates photographic creativity.

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