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Interview Series with Frank Casanova

SacTV.com is an archive of videos devoted to the Sacramento community. It also contains local articles and video links that you may enjoy sharing on social media. It's a resource that taps into interesting pop culture interviews and travel footage of California vacation destinations. SacTV began in December 2011 with early interviews of film producer Frank Casanova at The Studio Center, which later became Sacramento Media Center. I originally met Frank in 2000, then ran my site SacLive (Sacramento's first 24/7 internet radio station) across the hall from his office.

Over the years SacTV has evolved to become like a visual newspaper for Sacramento, minus the constant negative news. The aim of this site is to reflect a positive spirit of Sacramento, and not compete with local media that always brings bad news. I have lived in this region most of my life, although I've also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Palm Springs, Reno and Milwaukee for brief periods. Out of all those places, Sacramento is still my favorite, due to its relaxing atmosphere and the American River. Most of my 20-year radio career was in Sacramento.

Not only does SacTV focus on the current cultural landscape of the "City of Trees" and the capital of the "Golden State," it explores local and state history as well, through videos and articles. In 2022 SacTV began monthly music spotlights of musicians who have made a mark in the region. Music is my first love, as I'm a musician who helped the local music scene when I was Program Director at KWOD 106.5 in the nineties. I put the local music show "Sound of Sacramento" on the air, giving the first radio airplay to many local musicians.

After radio, I became a writer for hundreds of business websites, which allowed me to research various industries. Working in radio had already made me familiar with a wide span of community organizations and interests. Writing for IT/tech companies, health organizations, financial firms and a variety of other industries, expanded my knowledge base beyond popular and alternative music. It broadened my interests in many fields, which ultimately has led to posting a wide variety of videos on SacTV. My other websites besides AlexCosper.com include radio/music history site PlaylistResearch.com, my original music site Sunsetrip and my KWOD tribute site iKWOD.com.

Since SacTV has already lasted now for over a decade, I think it has a bright future ahead. Look for more "Riverside Chat" videos about why Sacramento is a nice place to live. SacTV is part of a wider project called Tangent Sunset. If you want to see this site expand, please consider helping with a donation of any amount to Tangent Sunset.

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