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SacTV.com is a Social Arts Calendar of articles and videos that you may enjoy sharing on social media. It's a resource that taps into interesting pop culture interviews, articles about art that enlighten and travel footage of California vacation destinations.

In many ways SacTV is a celebration of people who are trying to create their own entertainment by pursuing how to create art and music. SacTV started out in 2011 as a website that served the people of Sacramento, California and in 2015 expanded to be a site that reflects several places and visions that point to a brighter future for world communities.

I have learned how online culture has many wide open possibilities, especially when it comes to expanding social knowledge and artistic vision. There is still plenty of history to explore, ideas for the future and how we can clean up the planet. In that sense SacTV will never run out of ideas. Think of it as a never ending informative calendar.

As a Social Arts Calendar, SacTV covers the vast terrain of the arts and sciences. Anything that is of interest to society can wind up on this calendar, whether it's in the past, present or future. SacTV is like a community bulletin board with opportunities to post messages and pictures to the world.

Alex Cosper

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