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Cooper Takes Wide Lead in Sheriff's Race

Jim Cooper has held a substantial lead over Jim Barnes in the Sacramento Sheriff's race, in which people voted on Tuesday, June 7, as reported by ABC10. It's the first county sheriff's election in ten years, as Scott Jones leaves the post so he can focus on running for Congress. On election night Cooper held a 55-45 percent lead. Results of Sacramento County elections can be found on KCRA's website.

Sacramento Economist's View of the Economic Outlook

KVIE TV recently interviewed local economist Sanjay Varshney of Golden Stone Wealth Management about the state and outlook of the Sacramento economy. This show was recorded a few days before it aired June 3, 2022 on Channel 6. Varshney says that the government threw $10 trillion at the COVID-19 problem. He says excessive money supply has led to inflation, along with greater demand and lower supply of goods.

City Approves $5M Water Sale

As the Sacramento region is in the middle of another drought year, the Sacramento City Council voted to approve a $5 million water sale from the Sacramento and American River, as reported by ABC10. Officials say 3.2 billion gallons of water may soon be sold to state contractors and the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The deal must be authorized by the California Department of Water Resources.

Sacramento Leaders Vote to End Ban on Cruising

The ban on cruising in Sacramento that has been in place for decades is ending, based on a vote by city officials on 05/31/22. At one time Downtown cruising on J Street brought out thousands of festive residents. The cruise covered Broadway to Miller Park to Old Sac. The movement to end the ban has been spearheaded by the Sacramento Lowrider Commission. Mayor Darrell Steinberg supports this effort, citing the ordinance created an unfair stereotype that associates low riders with gangs.

Why Was Sac Fire Chief Gary Loesch Fired?

The sudden firing of Sacramento Fire Chief Gary Loesch after he refused to resign has raised questions in the community. Loesch was officially terminated on 05/26/22 after serving nearly 37 years with the fire department. Loesch says he was offered the option to be fired or resign, according to KCRA News. The firing followed a complaint filed by a former fire department employee about harassment and workplace retaliation. Loesch has responded with a $10 million wrongful termination lawsuit against the city. This KCRA clip includes a brief interview with Loesch.

Downtown Shooting Fugitive Arrested in Nevada

A third suspect has been arrested for the Downtown shooting that made national news on 04/03/22, leaving 6 victims dead and a dozen people injured. NBC Bay Area reports that 27-year old Mtula Payton was arrested by Las Vegas police on Saturday evening, 05/28/22. In May the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began offering a $10,000 reward for tips leading to the suspect's arrest. Sacramento and Las Vegas police collaborated for several weeks to track down the suspect. Payton was held in a Nevada jail, awaiting transfer to Sacramento County Jail.

Sheriff's Race Set: Barnes vs Cooper

As 12-year Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones moves on to run for Congress, the June 7 primary is set between Jim Barnes and Jim Cooper. ABC10 provides quick quotes from the two candidates. Barnes, who has worked with the Sheriff's Department for over two decades, is the current Undersheriff, making him second in command behind Jones. His challenger Jim Cooper has been an Elk Grove Assemblymember, as well as serving as the city's founding mayor and serving on the Elk Grove City Council. He also spent 30 years working for the Sacramento County Sheriff's office.

Police Chief and DA Discuss Downtown Shooting

Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester and County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert discussed details of the April Downtown Sacramento K Street shooting, as reported by KCRA News. Lester says that at least 40 police officers responded to the call, along with the California Highway Patrol and other agencies. Over 40 detectives have been assigned to the case. Additionally, Lester thanked the FBI, ATF, Sacramento County Crime Lab and County Sheriff for their help in providing resources for the investigation. "What we now know," says Lester, "is that this was clearly gang-related. There was a gunfight between multiple gang rivals. Ultimately, this incident left 6 dead and 12 people injured." Three gang members now face murder charges, according to Schubert.

Carolina Panther Shaq Thompson Visits Hometown Sacramento

NFL star Shaq Thompson, who attended Grant Union High School, returned to his hometown Sacramento and was interviewed by ABC10's Sean Cunningham on 04/10/22. Thompson has played 7 seasons with the Carolina Panthers as linebacker. Thompson spoke against the recent gang violence in Downtown Sacramento that made national news, saying "we're supposed to be building each other up."

Thompson mentioned his brother is coaching football at Grant, a school that has produced other NFL athletes, including Devontae Booker and Donte Stallworth. Grant was also where Jay King of the successful recording act Club Nouveau went to high school.

Thompson reflects on how Del Paso Heights has been a tight-knit community and supports Grant's high school football team, The Pacers. He says that's where he learned about leadership. While attending Grant before graduating in 2012, he was involved with football, baseball and track. He continued sports at University of Washington then was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2015.

Local Lawmakers Introduce Bill on American River Safety

A local bill to make the American River Parkway safer has been introduced to address environmental and safety issues to protect parklands. The bill would authorize the removal of illegal camps along the river, as reported by KCRA News. Rancho Cordova Assemblyman Ken Cooley (D) explained how people are fearful to visit the parkway due to the presence of homeless camps. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors member Rich Desmond (Nonpartisan) says the issue puts "powerful pressure" on the county "to do more to clean up the parkway and keep it safe for the unhoused who are camping here and for the users on the parkway."

Police Increase Downtown Presence After Violence

Sacramento Police increased their presence in Downtown over the weekend following the Sunday 04/02/22 shooting on K Street. The department said it was doubling its staffing for the weekend following the shootout. Additionally, some Downtown businesses are increasing their own security to ensure nightlife is safe for patrons. Officials have stated the shooting was gang-related and involved at least five suspects. Six people were killed and 12 others suffered injuries, as the story made national news. As of this 04/08/22 ABC10 video, only 2 of the suspects had been arrested.

Teachers Strike Ends as Kids Return to School

The teachers strike that started 03/23/22 came to an end 04/03/22 as teachers and students returned to school. Negotiations between the Sacramento Unified School District and two labor unions culminated with an agreement. The Sacramento City Teachers Union (SCTA) announced it "now has a contract that will help us attract and retain staff and provide our members with modest raises." The strike affected over 75 schools, nearly 4600 staff members and over 43,000 students, according to ABC10.

Teachers Strikes Enters Second Weekend

The strike among union members of the Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA) who work for the Sacramento Unified School District (SCUSD) remained in effect Friday, 04/01/22, concluding week 2 of the walkout. Teachers particularly want higher pay and better health benefits. Negotiations are going on between SCUSD and two unions: SCTA and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021, which represents maintenance and other classified workers. Meanwhile, the Sacramento's County Superintendent is calling for the strike to end, as reported by KCRA News. Starting pay for SCUSD teachers is just under $50,000, which is lower than starting teacher pay in Stockton or Modesto.

Mayor Steinberg Reacts to Teachers Strike

Mayor Darrell Steinberg: "I represent the entire city and of course I support teachers. That's why I came out to say hello to the individual teachers. In terms of the dispute itself, both sides need to get to the table and they need to compromise. I know enough of this history to know that this has gotten very personal and where relationships are seemingly irretrievably broken, you can't really get to the substance." Steinberg says he wants the strike to end for the teachers, parents and mostly for the kids.

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