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Local Music Spotlight: Henry Robinette - What If I Go Sailing?

Evictions Rise as Rent Prices Fall

Sacramento rent prices have declined in spring 2022, as reported by KCRA News. The station interviewed property managers who say rental decreases are only temporary for a period of a few months. That's the amount of time it will take for property managers to process evictions, which sometimes take up to 12 weeks. After COVID relief on rent expired 03/31/22, eviction notices began to spike as many tenants were unable to pay rent. The average rent for an apartment in Sacramento is nearly $1,800.

Police Chief and DA Discuss Downtown Shooting

Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester and County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert discussed details of the April Downtown Sacramento K Street shooting, as reported by KCRA News. Lester says that at least 40 police officers responded to the call, along with the California Highway Patrol and other agencies. Over 40 detectives have been assigned to the case. Additionally, Lester thanked the FBI, ATF, Sacramento County Crime Lab and County Sheriff for their help in providing resources for the investigation. "What we now know," says Lester, "is that this was clearly gang-related. There was a gunfight between multiple gang rivals. Ultimately, this incident left 6 dead and 12 people injured." Three gang members now face murder charges, according to Schubert.

Sacramento Music Scene in the 1960s

Bruce Bolin, who runs Puddingstone Recording Studio (15th & C) in Downtown Sacramento, talks about what night life was like in Sacramento during the 1960s. This SacTV interview was recorded in 2012. Bolin mentions how there were venues for bands to play everywhere and it was easy to make a living playing 5-6 nights per week if you were a good musician. He launched his recording studio in 1993 and it's been in business ever since.

Carolina Panther Shaq Thompson Visits Hometown Sacramento

NFL star Shaq Thompson, who attended Grant Union High School, returned to his hometown Sacramento and was interviewed by ABC10's Sean Cunningham on 04/10/22. Thompson has played 7 seasons with the Carolina Panthers as linebacker. Thompson spoke against the recent gang violence in Downtown Sacramento that made national news, saying "we're supposed to be building each other up."

Thompson mentioned his brother is coaching football at Grant, a school that has produced other NFL athletes, including Devontae Booker and Donte Stallworth. Grant was also where Jay King of the successful recording act Club Nouveau went to high school.

Thompson reflects on how Del Paso Heights has been a tight-knit community and supports Grant's high school football team, The Pacers. He says that's where he learned about leadership. While attending Grant before graduating in 2012, he was involved with football, baseball and track. He continued sports at University of Washington then was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2015.

Local Lawmakers Introduce Bill on American River Safety

A local bill to make the American River Parkway safer has been introduced to address environmental and safety issues to protect parklands. The bill would authorize the removal of illegal camps along the river, as reported by KCRA News. Rancho Cordova Assemblyman Ken Cooley (D) explained how people are fearful to visit the parkway due to the presence of homeless camps. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors member Rich Desmond (Nonpartisan) says the issue puts "powerful pressure" on the county "to do more to clean up the parkway and keep it safe for the unhoused who are camping here and for the users on the parkway."

Police Increase Downtown Presence After Violence

Sacramento Police increased their presence in Downtown over the weekend following the Sunday 04/02/22 shooting on K Street. The department said it was doubling its staffing for the weekend following the shootout. Additionally, some Downtown businesses are increasing their own security to ensure nightlife is safe for patrons. Officials have stated the shooting was gang-related and involved at least five suspects. Six people were killed and 12 others suffered injuries, as the story made national news. As of this 04/08/22 ABC10 video, only 2 of the suspects had been arrested.

Teachers Strike Ends as Kids Return to School

The teachers strike that started 03/23/22 came to an end 04/03/22 as teachers and students returned to school. Negotiations between the Sacramento Unified School District and two labor unions culminated with an agreement. The Sacramento City Teachers Union (SCTA) announced it "now has a contract that will help us attract and retain staff and provide our members with modest raises." The strike affected over 75 schools, nearly 4600 staff members and over 43,000 students, according to ABC10.

Rethinking Sacramento Founder John Sutter

Here's a documentary from the Center for Sacramento History that attempts to set the record straight on Sacramento founder John Sutter. What's obscured in typical discussions and writing about him is how he was a colonizer who attacked indigenous people. He had a charter from Mexico to clear the land and build a settlement. In the process he used natives for labor and attacked those who didn't cooperate.

Historic landmark Sutter's Fort, which was the initial nucleus of Sacramento, has traditionally ignored this history and painted a rosey picture of the city's beginnings. Recently the California State Indian Museum next door removed the statue of Sutter.

City Tour By Bicycle

Here's a video published by Gravel Cyclist on YouTube of a Sacramento city tour by bicycle. The video was recorded on 9/17/21 and posted on YouTube 2/25/22. Hosted by JOM, the tour starts off Downtown on the Capitol Mall, as the video offers plenty of Downtown scenery. He crosses the Sacramento River via the Tower Bridge into West Sacramento. He visits baseball field Sutter Health Park then returns over the bridge to visit Old Sac. He then visits Capitol Park followed by the Governor's Mansion. The video also includes residential scenes of Midtown.

History of Sacramento Movie Theaters

Here's a video from Center for Sacramento History on local movie and drive-in theaters from 1949 through 1981. It includes old scenes of people standing in line at places such as Tower Theatre, The Alhambra, Sacramento 6 Drive-In, Starlight Drive-In, Capitol Theater and The Fox Senator. Clips come from both KCRA-TV and KOVR-TV collections. This compilation includes a 1949 scene with Governor Earl Warren attending opening night at The Crest.

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