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Jenn Rogar Interview on "The River" Album
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published on YouTube on October 7, 2013

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Jenn Rogar Interview on The River Album "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 7, 2013

Jenn Rogar talks about her latest album The River, which was produced by David Houston, who played on the album along with Mike Farrell. This album differs from her debut project from 2007, which was mostly voice and guitar. The new album has broader instrumentation including Hammond organ. Her favorite song on the new album is "Shasta," which is heard at the end of this SacTV video. Jenn agrees that local music is easy to beat the national popular music, as this album offers clear proof. The song "Shasta" alone has a rich melodic quality that makes it more listenable than the average hit.

She's only been playing with a band since 2011, although she's been writing songs since the 90s. The qualities of music that Jenn likes the most are the beat, the singer and the message. Some of her favorite artists are Dar Williams and Sarah Vaughan. She likes Dar for her message and Sarah for her voice. "Tell Me Why" on the album is about someone who throws their life away on drugs. Jenn's songwriting comes from her own process, as she has never read a "how to" book on songwriting. Her writing is based on how she hears music, not on any particular formula.

The ethic of making every song sound different on an album is one of the few rules she has crafted for herself. Other than that, there are no rules she follows. Originally from Auburn, she wanted to showcase the American River on her album cover, which inspired the album title. Nature is one of her favorite themes in her music. "Nature heals," says Jenn. "It's why people fall apart ... is they get away from nature. And if you look at overall where's the crime, where's the drugs? In the cities. It's in the concrete."

Jenn's upcoming shows include the State Capitol on October 12 for a March Against Monsanto and a Safeground benefit November 15 at Luna's Cafe. Jenn's music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio, Google Play, eMusic and other online places. In the near future she will be working on developing a folk show for Sacramento. Below are other segments of the SacTV interview series with Jenn Rogar.

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