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Jenn Rogar's Message to Sacramento Government
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published on YouTube on October 6, 2013

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Jenn Rogar's Message on Safeground "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on October 6, 2013

Jenn Rogar talks about her weekly meetings with the Sacramento City Council and her support for Safeground, a nonprofit project to provide shelter for the homeless. She wants to see some type of action taken to help the homeless, who are not allowed to be on public or private property. Safeground is a project that will build 40 small cabins for the homeless on 2 acres. Jenn says she showed up with her guitar to play a song at one of the meetings. It's unclear if city officials back the plan, although Jenn says Mayor Kevin Johnson told her he's been on board with Safeground for five years.

The homeless issue seems to have been swept to the background as a local priority as thousands of Sacramento residents do not have places to live. Over the past few years the issue of keeping the Sacramento Kings in town and building a new arena seem to be the most important topics. Jenn has views on other issues, but sees the homeless issue as an urgent priority because she doesn't think it's fair that anyone should be without a home and live in the cold.

Sacramento is still feeling the shockwaves of the recession. It does not appear that Sacramento has recovered the way many others have. Unemployment is still much higher than the national percentage and no sense that businesses are hiring. State officials have talked about raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour, but there's no sense of celebration in Sacramento, one of the hardest hit cities in the recession that began to unravel six years ago.

Part of the problem is that rents are high while pay is stagnant and the cost of living keeps going up. The cost of living is directly controlled by corporations on Wall Street. The question arises if Sacramento government is strong enough to do anything about Wall Street crippling the economy while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Is Sacramento becoming a cold blooded heartless ghost town or is there enough spirit left in the local government to take action? Things might be a lot better if local government encouraged more self-employment. Jenn plans to keep showing up at the meetings to make her point that the homeless need help.

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