video title: Oleander - Something Beautiful
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video source: Oleander VEVO
published on YouTube on March 26, 2013

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duration 4:18 minutes

Oleander - Something Beautiful "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 27, 2013

Sacramento band Oleander has returned with a new album and single called "Something Beautiful." Their CD release party will be held May 3 at Ace of Spades. The band has had the video available on YouTube since late March. It sounds like another song crafted for rock radio. The band took a break after their fourth album called Joyride in 2004. They regrouped in 2008 and began working on songs for the new album. The band has been recording since 1995. They experienced national success on Universal label Republic Records. In 2002 they left the label and were picked up by Sanctuary. The band has recorded several singles for radio the past decade. Thomas Flowers continues to lead the band, which has had personnel changes over the years. The band's most successful album was February Son in 1999, which featured the rock hit "Why I'm Here." Flowers told Alternative Addiction in an interview that the new album was recorded in bits and pieces over a period of two years.

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