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published on YouTube Apr. 22, 2012

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The Kimberly Trip's Fun New Wave "Video of the Day" review by Alex Cosper on April 22, 2012

The Kimberly Trip from Sacramento not only revives the spirit of new wave music, but takes it a step further. Their sound is based on where they imagine new wave would be today had it never disappeared from pop culture after the 1980s. Songwriter/guitarist/producer Jeffry-Wynne Prince talks about their 2012 album called Unicorns, Glitter and Heartbreak. This video also features the lead-off single called "Drama @ the Coffeeshop." The song's witty chorus includes the line "I don't need another frienemy." We discuss how storyteller songs have an extra edge not found in a lot of recent pop music, although we both praise Adele for her monumental recordings that helped save the music industry. Earlier this year, featured the group's humorous song "Not Quite Right in the Head."

The band records their music in their own home studio in which Jeffry is the producer. The new album is the band's sixth release and the third in a row they've put out entirely on their own. Their third album was distributed by Sony but the band has actually done better and sold more units since going the indie route. The chess set in the scene plays a part in the new album, which Jeffry describes in another SacTV video interview called "Radio Vs. Internet." The Kimberly Trip stands out from many artists of the indie scene simply by getting back to the basics of well-crafted songwriting instead of showing off musician skills. The band's successful venture into producing their own live shows at home provides a clearly sensible and strong model for indie bands of the future. Read more about Sacramento local music and other regional indie music at Playlist Research

The Kimberly Trip is a band that does not conform to industry formulas. Even their new wave influences cannot be linked as similar to any band of the 80s. Some songs trigger memories of The Waitresses and B-52's, but more in the same spirit of fun and not so much specific musical passages. Many of the songs deal with the communication breakdowns in every day life. What makes them an ear-catching indie band of the 2010s is that they stand out as fun and unique, whereas even in the indie world there's a lot of homogenization, which many times is portrayed in a serious tone than a fun presentation. The band seems to have an endless stream of these songs that cut against the grain of popular music in a delightful way.

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