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Frank Hannon at Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar and Grill
The Frank Hannon Band did a fun show at Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar and Grill on Saturday night, October 27, 2012. The show included guest appearances from Tesla singer Jeff Keith and 98 Rock jock Pat Martin, who celebrated his birthday that night. The show offered a mix of recently material from the 2012 album Six String Soldiers and cover tunes.
Frank Hannon - Love, Life and Beauty
Frank Hannon, guitarist for Tesla, who has established his own solo career, released an album in 2012 called Six String Soldiers featuring a lot of classic and contemporary blues influences. This video shows Frank recording this heartfelt ballad in the studio. Read more about Frank Hannon here.
Lindsey Pavao - Nightmare at Harlow's
Lindsey Pavao, who competed on the NBC TV series The Voice and was coached by Christina Aguilera in 2012, has used the experience to help boost her music and media career. Read more about Lindsey Pavao here.
Carla Fleming - Rise Again
Carla Fleming's new video sets high standards for professional videos coming from local artists. It is also an excellent r&b song with an inspirational message. Read more about Carla here.
Rashell - Dry Ur Eyes
Rashell is a rising R&B/hip hop artist from Sacramento who makes impressive recordings of melodic masterpieces. Like many artists these days, SacTV discovered her from online indie site ReverbNation, where she has developed a following of thousands. Read more about her here. Uploaded by Rashell on YouTube.
The Kimberly Trip's Jeffry-Wynne Prince
Jeffry-Wynne Prince of The Kimberly Trip explains the band's do it yourself approach to indie music. He talks about the band's upcoming album Unicorns, Glitter and Heartbreak. Read more about the band here.
Ken Koenig
Ken Keonig performs an acoustic version of his song "Stay With Me Tonight." He talks about how his next album due in the Summer of 2012 will have a much more organic approach than previous recordings. Read more here.
Becca Danielsen
Becca shares her insights that helped her develop as an eclectic artist who mixes jazz, blues and folk. She performs "You Are" on acoustic guitar. Read more about her here.

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