Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson

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Mayor Kevin Johnson Introduces New Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive
Mayor Johnson talks about the efforts it took to keep the Kings in Sacramento and introduces the billionaire investor who made it possible. Read more here.
Highlights from Kevin Johnson's State of the City Address, 2013
Mayor Johnson delivers the annual State of the City address on March 1, 2013. Some of his main points revolve around keeping the Kings in Sacramento and improving local culture. Read more here.
Mayor Kevin Johnson - 2012 State of Downtown Pt5
Mayor Johnson addresses the Downtown Partnership with an update on current Downtown revitalization efforts. Read more
Mayor Kevin Johnson - 2011 State of the City Address Introductory Video
This video is a highly produced collage of the Mayor's economic plans for the city in which he sees opportunity in the tech industry.
Mayor Kevin Johnson Makes Pitch to Keep the Kings, Apr. 4, 2011
The Mayor explains how he will not let the Kings leave town without putting up a fight to keep them. He points out Sacramento's viability for pro sports since it is a top 20 TV market without competing pro sports teams.
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to Emcee..., 2011
Obs News Group reports that Kevin Johnson will emcee and upcoming fundraiser featuring ex-49er QB Steve Young
Mayor Johnson announces the "One Day to Prevent Homelessness" campaign, 2010
The Mayor describes the "One Day to Prevent Homelessness" program and lists the partners involved. He talks about goals for emergency housing, counseling and sustainable funding from multiple revenue streams.
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson & Armstrong Williams with a candid discussion, 2010
The Mayor explains how he has been addressing the homeless issue since he took office. He mentions how Oprah Winfrey came to town to show her support.
Mayor Kevin Johnson details the next steps for the proposed entertainment and sports complex, Mar. 16, 2010
Sacramento First, the Mayor's task force for exploring a new sports complex for the Kings, has produced 7 proposals and recommendations for a new sports arena. The study recommended a land swap at a rail yard site to the City Council. He says the feasibility phase will take 18 months.
Mayor Kevin Johnson discusses progress on a new entertainment and sports complex, Feb. 26, 2010
Johnson talks about modernizing sports facilities with a new arena for the Kings. His task force called Sacramento First is working on proposals and projects.
Mayor Kevin Johnson discusses his new Green Initiative, Feb. 26, 2010
The Mayor tells a Sacramento Bee reporter that he wants to prioritize opportunities with alternative energy and work with the Obama Administration on maximizing these economic growth and funding opportunities.
Mayor Kevin Johnson puts Sacramento on the map, 2009
The Mayor jokes about how Sacramento is often overlooked by those outside the city, including the Wall Street Journal, which didn't list Sacramento on its weather map until he confronted them about it and now it does. One of the Mayor's goals is to make Sacramento a higher profile city in the national picture.
Mayor Kevin Johnson Celebration, Nov. 5, 2008
Johnson gives his victory speech the same night Barack Obama is elected President of the United States. The Mayor-Elect says he already has a transition team of 150 people in place.
Heather Fargo and Kevin Johnson on Sacramento Budget Deficit, May 22, 2008
This election debate segment is about Sacramento's $58 million budget deficit. Johnson says there are not enough police officers and commits to public safety. Mayor Fargo talks about a reinvestment plan for the Natomas community.

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