Sacramento Gun Control Issues

Rep. Dan Lungren To Holder: Don't use Fast And Furious screw up
as an excuse to advance agenda, Dec. 8, 2011

Dan Lungren defends Second Amendment Rights in a confrontation with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about Inspector General procedures. Most of this exchange is about the mechanics of government and not so much the actual issue of gun control. Uploaded by gorapidresponse on YouTube.
Newsmakers Ammunition Control, 2011
City of Sacramento Vice-Mayor Kevin McCarty talks about new gun control measures that deter "gun runners" who illegally manipulate the market gun. Uploaded by KevinMcCartySac on YouTube.
"Smart-Gun" Legislation Approved By Public Safety Committee, 2008
This AssemblyAccess video focuses on "smart gun" technology and legislation that requiring all hand guns sold in California to have personal identification. Assemblymember Mark DeSaulnier (D-Martinez) explains the bill. Uploaded by AssemblyAccess on YouTube.

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