Sacramento Issues: Energy Efficiency, Savings and Safety

SBSH No. 20 "Rancho Seco", 2009
Uploaded by SacramentoHistory on Jul 14, 2009 James E. Henley, former Sacramento City Historian, discusses one of fifty-five "Small Bites of Sacramento History." Mr. Henley retired in October 2007 after nearly forty years as Manager of the Center for Sacramento History (formerly the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center).
Top of Rancho Seco cooling towers, 2011
Uploaded by 300sniper on Mar 29, 2011 view from the top of the cooling towers at rancho seco nuclear generating station in california. i heard they are about 430 feet tall, but i didn't verify that.
SMUD's empty nuclear plant, 2011
Uploaded by MySMUD on Mar 18, 2011 SMUD's closed Rancho Seco Nuclear plant is now a ghost -- empty buildings, vacant lots and thick concrete bunkers that safely and securely store used fuel rods.
SouthSac Home Explosion IN HD, Feb 7 2010
916 Maverick covers SouthSac Home Explosion IN HD, Feb 7 2010
Uploaded by bendoverjunior on Nov 6, 2010 This is a commercial for SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District). Design, storyboard and animation all done by me. Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects.
i4energy: Smart Grid Development at SMUD, 2010
Uploaded by citrisuc on Nov 19, 2010 Lecture by : Jim Parks (Program Manager of Energy Efficiency and Customer R&D, Sacramento Municipal Utility District) The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is committed to advancing smart grid technologies in its service territory. Last year SMUD was awarded $127.5 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to advance smart grid implementation by several years.
1978 SMUD commercial, 2010
Uploaded by eyeh8nbc on Dec 13, 2010 Sacramento Municipal Utility District message on energy conservation, followed by a slide promoting KXTV's Eyewitness News with Rick Kavooras (someone who I'm convinced only existed in the 70s, as there's no trace of what happened to him in the further decades.)
KB and the Slingtones at SMUD Corporate Event, 2010
Uploaded by 83Mingo on Aug 6, 2011 KB and the Slingtones appeared at a special corporate event commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. These are highlights of the event set to the band's performance of the classic hit, "Oobie Doobie".
Jim Parks, Sacramento Municipal Utility District - Smart Grid Summit, 2010
Uploaded by jonarnoldcan on Oct 12, 2010 Excerpt of a keynote by Jim Parks of SMUD, talking about electric vehicles. Taken at the Smart Grid Summit in Los Angeles, Oct 2010.
Rep. Doris Matsui on SMUD's rebate and energy efficient Program - FOXm, 2011
Uploaded by bmi4060alvis on May 6, 2011 Rep. Doris Matsui speaks on funding given to SMUD for energy upgrades. Brower Mechanical is the contractor chosen to work with SMUD and customer Mary Jane Lee. Is your home leaking energy? Do temperatures differ from room to room? These issues can signify inefficiencies in your home, wasting money and energy—and sacrificing comfort. SMUD's Home Performance Program, a partnership with Energy Upgrade California and Brower Mechanical.
Rio Vista California Wind Turbine Farm, 2011
Uploaded by the43k on Aug 12, 2011 There are over 750 wind turbines belonging to the three renewable energy projects (Shiloh Wind Power Plant, FPL Energy's High Winds Energy Center and one owned by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District) on the Montezuma Hills, close to the city. There are plans to add a further 200 wind turbines.
From nuclear to solar energy at Rancho Seco power plant, 2008
Solar facilities help Sacramento Municipal Utilitity District (SMUD) meet carbon-free energy demand. Uploaded by Government Technology videos at See video review., 2008
This video explains in detail solar water heating systems manufactured in Carmichael that create energy savings. The video also demonstrates system installation. Uploaded by SolarRoofs.

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