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'Mystified' Sacramento fire chief
hopes to rebuild public trust after firefighter arrest

Sacramento Bee: 12/7/14
A firefighter paramedic was arrested on suspicion of multiple burglaries.

Audit: Sacramento Fire Dept Needs to Keep Better Count of Narcotics
Sacramento Bee: 9/9/14
Less than a decade after a morphine theft scandal, the Sacramento Fire Department, still needs to keep better track of potent narcotics for medical care, a city audit finds.

Sacramento city auditor seeks closer examination of
fire department overtime pay

Sacramento Bee: 1/21/14
A city audit has found that five fire fighters were paid over 1,500 hours in overtime as Sac Fire paid nearly $7 million in overtime in 2012.

Sacramento Metro Fire department defends legality of firefighter who did traffic stop on citizen. Sheriff disagrees.
Statter911: 7/19/13
How often does the Sheriff disagree with Sac Fire about the law?

Sacramento Metro Sex Scandal Coverup Case Settled
FireLaw Blog: 6/12/13
A settlement was announced before a FEDERAL JURY in the Sacramento Metro sex scandal coverup case filed by Fire Captain Mark Thomsen. He had been a 19 year veteran but says he was terminated in 2007 as a result of refusing to stay silent in a sex scandal coverup.

Sac Metro Firefighter Claims ADA Discrimination
Fire Law Blog: 12/7/12 A Sacramento firefighter named Shannon Baker filed suit claiming that the department violated her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act after she had an epileptic seizure in 2006 and was put on light duty then uppaid leave. http://www.firelawblog.com/2012/12/07/sac-metro-firefighter-claims-ada-discrimination/

Sacramento Fire Department Sued for Discrimination
Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Blog: 8/17/09

Deal for Fire Chief Called Invalid
Fire Fighting News: 1/25/07
State pension officials say Sacramento's arrangement to let Fire Chief Julius Joe Cherry retire then return to work in the same position is illegal.

Sac Fire Settles Sexual Harassment Case for $550,000
Free Republic via Sacramento Bee: 11/6/06
Sacramento Metro Fire was ordered to pay $550,000 for "pain and suffering" to settle a case in which a firefighter was sexually harassed and wrongfully terminated, as well as for the District's failure to investigate her claims.

Woman sues, claiming rape by firefighters
UPI: 9/13/05
A female photographer filed rape charges against two firefighters and Sac Fire Department.

Firefighter regrets sex romp
Sacramento Bee: 5/2/05
A firefighter named Robby Cowen said he was terminated after exposing sexual trysts among four Sacramento firefighters in a Hollywood Park fire station, made public on Jan. 24, 2005. He said he did not regret coming forward but did not expect to be fired. His attorney Joseph Rose said firefighters were ordered to remain silent.

Sex Scandals Turn Up Heat on Fire Chief
LA TImes: 1/30/05
The reputation of Sacramento Fire Department has been damaged with a string of scandals. Last July on-duty firefighters attended a "porn star costume ball" as one firefighter was accused of sexual assault. A city investigation found that an "Animal House" culture existed within the department. By the end of the year, two dozen firefighters had been terminated or reprimanded for a range of improper behavior, such as cruising local bars on fire engines and giving joy rides to people while drinking on the job. http://articles.latimes.com/2005/jan/30/local/me-firehouse30

Fire Chief vows to restore agency's reputation
Free Republic via Sacramento Bee: 1/26/05
Sacramento Fire Chief Julius "Joe" Cherry promised with tears in his eyes to bring Sac Fire Department back to respectability after Mayor Heather Fargo and a few City Council members pronounced that four firefighters should be fired if sex abuse charges against them are proven true. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1329372/posts

Six City Firefighters Ousted
Free Republic via Sacramento Bee: 10/13/04
Six Sacramento firefighters who worked at Station 6 in Oak Park were terminated while 13 others were suspended without pay following the Department's most intensive internal investigation of its 131 history. The firefighters were found to have violated department policies, such as drinking on the job and offering joy rides. The investigation was launched by the City following the July 2 incident at the Radisson Hotel, where a "porn star costume ball" was the scene of an incident in which a female photographer accused a firefighter of sexual misconduct.

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