Sacramento Art Galleries and Second Saturday Art Walk

Live Performance Art by Brenda Boles, 2011
Brenda Boles creates fine art in action to a live choir in the timespan of a song. See Uploaded by brendabolesart on YouTube.
Crocker Art Museum, 2011
This production of video scenes from outside and inside the museum in a mix of the old and new Crocker Art Museum, which recently went through a period of renovation, featuring a local art studio. The video is presented by Photomomo.
The Artwork of Vicki Asp, 2011
This video presents the effortless yet amazing detailed painting by Vicki Asp of colorful and beautiful California landscapes. Her work, captured here by The Smith Gallery, has earned her over 75 awards.
Sacramento Artman, 2011
The Smith Gallery, part of Second Saturday Sacramento Art Walk, shares paintings of local imagery that includes historic landmarks such as Alhambra Theater, Tower Theater, Tower Bridge the Capitol and other themes.
Does Art Matter?/Welcome To My Global Hood, Oct. 25, 2010 covers a panel discussion led by Contemporary Artist Milton Bowens on whether or not art matters. Uploaded by ArtzyThe1 on YouTube.
Second Saturday Art Walk Sacramento, 2010
Here's a video produced by The Visual Wizard that reflects surreal, colorful and dynamic video art matched with rootsy acoustic guitar music.
New Running Stream Gallery Downtown Sacramento, 2010
The Visual Wizard interviews Sterling, who takes us on a tour through his upcoming home and Running Stream Gallery at 1115 21st Street between K and L Streets. It's under construction with a lounge area, courtyard and 3-bedroom apartment. The place is being set up for video, film, painting, sculpture and other art.
First Behind the Scenes Look at the New Crocker - from KCRA 3, 2009
In this KCRA news report Edie Lambert is taken on a tour of Crocker Art by Museum Director Lial Jones. She reveals how the facility will look when the expansion project is completed in 2010.
Midtown Sacramento Art & Graffiti photos shoot walk, 2009
This music video features many shots of Midtown Sacramento graffiti, street art and murals. "These Walls Don't Lie" by Promoe of the Loop Troop is the music track.
2nd Saturday in Sacramento, 2008
Midtown Grid presents a behind the scenes look at Sacramento Art Walk between 20th and J Streets. Scenes of midtown's vibrant loyal art community as well as art travelers from other cities are displayed to a soundtrack of funky horns of Folsom band The Not-So-Super-Villains.
Crocker Art Museum, 2008
LixximPhoto shares this video compilation of several still shots of the painting and sculpture inside Crocker Art Museum set to vibrant instrumental string music by 3 Leg Torso called "Zemer Attic/Tanz Tanz Yiddlelac." The video was created by Eugene G.

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