Advertising on offers you the opportunity to advertise on its Social Arts Calendar. You can advertise anything you like that pertains to people and society, whether it's business or entertainment, if it follows our advertising guidelines below.

Once you purchase a date on the calendar your ad stays on that date and becomes part of social arts history. The cost is $25 per date. The 150px X 150px image you provide will link to the web page of your choice on a landing page that identifies you as a sponsor.

To preserve the integrity of this website's dedication to social arts, here are SacTV's advertising guidelines:

Acceptable Ads: Music, Theatre, Art, Dance, Film, Writing, Animation, Environment, Tech, Social Sciences, Nutrition, Exercise/Sports, Social Activism, Education, Counseling, Small Business, Self-Empowerment

Unacceptable Ads: porn, profanity, racism, sexism, violence, weapons, alcohol, drugs (including pharma), junk food, offensive material to forward thinking communities

There is no limit to the number of dates you can buy. This calendar is designed to help promote sites that offer an artistic vision. Over time it will become a collection of images and stories. The purpose of SacTV is to document innovative art and technology, useful knowledge and ideas and art that have lasting power so that they always make a good reference. Free ads are offered to sites discovered by SacTV that fit the definition of social arts and meet the standards of a public service announcement.

In order to advertise on SacTV you must have a PayPal account. For more information send an inquiry to

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